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High Stakes for Seattle in the 2010 Census
Information collected though the decennial census not only determines how many seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives but also guides the allocation of hundreds of billions of dollars of federal funding every year. See the Demographer's article about the 2010 Census in DPD Info.

Ready, Set, Census!
Find out about the March 1st Open House that focused on:

  • Strategies in high-gear to encourage Census 2010 participation by individuals in groups that have historically been under-represented in decennial censuses, and

  • Accessing and using data that will be available from the 2010 Census - as well as estimates already being produced annually from the new American Community Survey - to inform policies, programs, and grant applications.

Read a short article and see more pictures from the Open House event.

See the Open House handout, which includes descriptions of displays and links to related census resources.

View informative slideshows presented at the Open House: