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LEOFF Police Retirement

The Retiree Medical Plan Annual Enrollment runs Thursday, November 1 through Wednesday, November 21, 2018 for coverage effective January 1, 2019. Your annual enrollment packet will be mailed on October 26, 2018. See the 2019 police retiree rates, 2019 Most retiree rates, annual enrollment letter, police under age 65 plan highlights, Most under age 65 plan highlights, Medicare plan comparison and required notices. If you are changing medical plans offered through the City, please contact the Benefits Unit at (206) 615-1340 or to request an enrollment form to be emailed or mailed to you. You must fill out an enrollment form and submit it to the SDHR Benefits Unit postmarked no later than Wednesday, November 21, 2018. If you aren't making changes, no action is required.

If you pay by check, please change the check amount starting with your January payment. See the 2019 police retiree and Most retiree rate sheets.

The Law Enforcement Officers' Retirement System is a defined benefit plan that provides a secure, formula-driven income for retirement. Not sure which plan you are in? Plan participation is determined by when you first became a member.

  • LEOFF Plan 1 is for employees who became members before October 1, 1977.
  • LEOFF Plan 2 is for employees who first became members on or after October 1, 1977.

Go to the Washington State Department of Retirement System webpage at for information on the following:

  • Disability Benefits
  • Plan Handbooks
  • Military Service Credit
  • Retirement Planning Frequently Asked Questions
  • Working After Retirement
  • Purchasing Additional Service Credit and More


Police LEOFF 1

If you are a LEOFF I member and have any questions about the Police pension or retiree medical plans, contact:

Dan Oliver, Executive Director
Police Pension Office
(206) 386-1289

If you are a LEOFF I dependent and have questions about the retiree medical plans, call City of Seattle Central Benefits at (206) 615-1340.

Police LEOFF 2

Retiree Medical Plan Documents

Premium rate sheets for retired Police medical plans

2018 Rate Sheet - Police Retirees
2017 Rate Sheet - Police Retirees

2018 Rate Sheet - Most Retirees
2017 Rate Sheet - Most Retirees

Medical plan information if you are an under age 65 retiree:

You may choose from a Most or Police under age 65 retiree plan.

2018 Under Age 65 Most Retiree Medical Plan Comparison;   2018 Under Age 65 Retiree Benefits Highlights - Police

2017 Under Age 65 Retiree Benefit Highlights - Most;   2017 Under Age 65 Retiree Benefits Highlights - Police