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Life Insurance

Basic Group Term Life Insurance
You may purchase Group Term Life Insurance equal to one and one-half times your annual salary, or you can elect Limited Basic Life Insurance. The Limited Basic Life limits the coverage amount to $50,000 regardless of your salary amount. Both plans are underwritten by Standard Insurance Company. The City will contribute 40% of your premium cost and you will pay 60% through payroll deduction. The deduction will be taken from the second paycheck of each month for the subsequent month's coverage.

You are guaranteed issuance of basic life insurance if you enroll within 31 days of your hire date. If you apply later (during an open enrollment period) you must complete a Medical History Statement.

Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance

If you are enrolled in Basic Term Life Insurance, you may purchase Supplemental Insurance for yourself and your eligible family members. You must enroll yourself before family members can be covered:

  • You may purchase up to four times your base salary in Supplemental Insurance for yourself. If the Supplemental Term Life Insurance maximum of four times your basic salary exceeds $1,000,000 when added to the amount of your Basic Life Insurance, you must complete and submit a Medical History Statement regardless of when you enroll.
  • You may then purchase for your spouse/partner 50 percent of the amount of coverage you purchase for yourself. If you want to purchase more than $50,000 on your spouse/domestic partner, he or she must submit a Medical History Statement, regardless of when you enroll.
  • You may purchase coverage for your children in the amounts of $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000. One premium amount covers all children.

If you and your spouse/partner do not enroll within 31 days of your hire date, Medical History Statements will be required and must be approved for any amount.

Calculating the Cost of Group Life Insurance
The Employee Benefits Guide contains tables to help you calculate the cost of basic and supplemental life insurance.

Beneficiary Designation
You may designate or change your beneficiaries any time during the year through Employee Self-Service.

Retirement System Death Benefit
Active employees are automatic members of the Death Benefit Program. Retirees may choose whether or not to retain this policy. The intended purpose of the policy is to be an adjunct to your burial insurance. The benefit is $2,000 and payable only to the beneficiary. The premium is $12 per year, deducted once each year in February. This policy has no cash value for the retiree.

For more information about this benefit, contact the Retirement Office at 206-386-1292.

Group Term Life Documents

Accelerated Death Benefit Claim Form
Conversion Packet
Death Claim Form
GTL Certificate
MedEx Coverage Description
GTL Minor Beneficiary
GTL Travel Assist Program

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