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Benefits/HR Representative Contact List

Note: Benefits contacts are listed in italics.

Department Name Phone Mailstop
Arts & Cultural Affairs Jane Morris 4-8362 SMT-17-66
Arts & Cultural Affairs Sheila Moss 3-7016 SMT-17-66
Arts & Cultural Affairs Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Auditor's Office Rhonda Lyon 4-5428 CH-03-10
Auditor's Office Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Central Budget Office Sonja Gilbert 4-0823 SMT-55-00
Central Budget Office Kristine Greene 4-7541 SMT-52-01
City Light SCL Benefits 4-5972 SMT-28-22
City Light James Davis 3-3918 SMT-28-22
City Light Jana Elliott 4-3127 SMT-28-22
Civil Rights Latrice Ybarra 4-4539 CB-07-50
Civil Rights Sonja Gilbert 4-0823 SMT-55-00
Civil Service Commission Sonja Gilbert 4-0823 SMT-55-00
Department of Finance and Administrative Services Melissa Anderson 4-5215 SMT-43-00
Department of Finance and Administrative Services Mylene Claveria 4-0511 SMT-52-01
Department of Finance and Administrative Services Sonja Gilbert 4-0823 SMT-55-00
Ethics and Elections Sonja Gilbert 4-0823 SMT-55-00
Fire Shawna Dennard 6-1467 FD-44-04
Hearing Examiner Patricia Cole 5-1570 SMT-40-00
Hearing Examiner Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Housing Sonja Gilbert 4-0823 SMT-55-00
Human Services aNdi Morales 4-0116 SMT-58-00
Information Technology Janice Flaagan 4-0306 SMT-27-00
Information Technology Julie Hugill 5-0813 SMT-27-00
Law Joyce Ramsey 4-8237 CH-04-01
Law Sonja Gilbert 4-0823 SMT-55-00
Legislative Rhonda Lyon 4-5428 CH-03-10
Legislative Edward Conley 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Library LeAna Proffitt 6-4122 LB-03-01
Library Susan Louie 6-4136 LB-03-01
Mayor's Office Melissa Beatty 4-7879 SMT-55-00
Mayor's Office Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Municipal Court Berlinda Womack 4-8885 JC-00-52
Municipal Court Maribel Centeno 4-5662 JC-00-52
Neighborhoods Pat Hairston 4-0710 SMT-17-00
Neighborhoods Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Parks Joan Henneman 4-7371 PK-01-01
Parks Sosha Pifer 4-7064 PK-01-01
Personnel Melissa Beatty 4-0177 SMT-55-00
Personnel Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Planning & Development Linda Elwood 4-8448 SMT-18-00
Planning & Development Stacy Bonathan 4-8480 SMT-18-00
Police Kris Frerichs 5-1238 JC-05-01
Police Heidi Wood 4-8781 JC-05-01
Public Utilities Linda Rogers 3-7221 SMT-49-00
Public Utilities Natasha Mitchell 6-1187 SMT-49-00
Retirement Lindsay Reid 5-1421 PB-10-01
Retirement Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00
Seattle Center Michelle Bennett 4-0249 SC-02-01
Transportation Doran Young 6-4511 SMT-39-00
Transportation Benefits Unit 5-1340 SMT-55-00

Printed: 10/4/2015 12:40PM