Paid Family Care Leave

Paid Family Care Leave

Paid family care leave provides eligible City employees up to four weeks (160 hours) to care for an eligible family member with a serious health condition. You are eligible for paid family care leave if:

  • You have been in a regularly appointed position and/or temporary benefits-eligible assignment for at least six months, and
  • You have an eligible family member with a certified serious health condition, and
  • You have not exhausted your family medical leave entitlement, and
  • You have drawn down your sick leave balances to a maximum of two weeks and your vacation leave balances to a maximum of one week.

Eligible family members include your child, spouse or domestic partner, parent, or the child or parent of your spouse or domestic partner. This benefit is retroactive to January 1, 2017.

See Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about benefit eligibility, the application process, documentation, timesheet coding, and using paid family leave. If you have questions or want to apply for paid family care leave, please contact your department's Leave Coordinator or contact Shauna Fitzner at Shauna is available to answer any questions on this or other employee leave programs.

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* Regular employees or temporary employees who are benefits-eligible per Seattle Municipal Code Subsection 4.20.055(C).

Printed: 7/16/2019 3:32PM