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Our Story

Mayor Ed Murray has made a concerted effort over the past three years to improve the use of data in decision-making and drive process improvements. In last year’s Budget Speech, Mayor Murray proclaimed 2017 to be the “Year of Good Governance,” meaning that Seattle will be a city “that uses data, best practices, and common sense to deliver services efficiently and maximize performance” and “applies creativity and new ways of doing things to its basic obligations, long-standing challenges or emergent needs to generate the most effective outcomes.”

Our Team

Photo of the City Performance Team

This new team is led by Tyler Running Deer (Director), Leah Tivoli (Manager), Daniel Kirk (Advisor)

In response to Mayor Murray’s call for the better use of data in decision-making, the City Performance Team was formed in January 2016. Our mission is to make City of Seattle’s 26 departments, offices, and 10,000 employees more efficient, effective and accountable in carrying out day-to-day business and addressing pressing issues facing our communities.

Measuring What Matters: 12-Week Engagements

Photo of the City Performance Team

Investments in good governance and innovation are not intended to be isolated pockets of excellence, but as our method of operations across City government.

The Organizational Performance team, in collaboration with the City Budget Office, the Office of Policy and Innovation, and the Summit Re-Implementation team, will begin developing a data-focused performance management framework for each City department.

This process will seek to bring together data, performance measures, outcomes, and departmental lines of business as we connect the allocation our resources as a City Government with the value we hope to create for the residents of the City of Seattle.