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Ballard HS Reel Short MoviesSouthpark Dodgeball Sessions:
Who doesn't love dodgeball? Southpark Community Center is taking all comers to challenge their elite group of dodgers, and we've got the videos to prove it.

Ballard HS Reel Short MoviesSouthpark Film Projects:
A collection fo short films from South Park Community Center. Special thanks to Matthew Roberson for the videos.

Ballard HS Reel Short MoviesSouthpark Animation Project

CityStreamCityStream 2/11/2010:
On this edition of CityStream, It`s rock and roll, a little rap, and a whole lot of fun. How the City`s Parks and Recreation programs are changing with the times and kids interests. But one thing remains constant, keeping kids healthy, safe and having fun.

Hip Hop ConferenceHip Hop Conference 2009 2/26/2009:
Dr. Sujan 'Supreme Understanding' Dass is a community activist and expert on what we call "the struggle". Dr. Sujan's ability to combine intellectual awareness with insight from the 'real world' of America's ghettos has made him a staunch critic of the many failed measures to reach our urban youth. After studying the weaknesses of dozens of programs, policies, and philosophies, the author realized something else was needed.

Mt. Baker RowingRVR Rows and Rocks: End of Fall Season Nov 2008 6/9/2009:
Rainier Valley Rowing is a program at Mt. Baker Sailing & Rowing. This video is presented in partnership with Rainier Valley Rowing and the Pocock Rowing Foundation.

CyberbullyingCityStream Splash Back: Cyberbullying 10/30/2008:
With personal cell phones and the internet, teenagers today have access to more technology than ever before. But many kids are putting it to a very destructive purpose. It's called 'cyberbullying' and it has become so prevalent, the Seattle School District is mounting a campaign to put a stop to it.

SoundOFF for ActionSound Off for Action! 9/9/2008:
Seattle teens - get your voices heard.and win prizes. Pugetsoundoff.org has just launched and is holding a competition for best blog, video and song. Take a look at this short video graffiti to learn more.

Carkeek Environmental Learning CenterInside the Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center 6/24/2009:
Take a look at the new green Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center.

Seattle Music SceneThe Local Music Show on the Seattle Music Scene 2/26/2009:
In a special episode of The Local Music Show, John Richards checks in on the new direction of the Seattle music scene with Mayor Greg Nickels, James Keblas, David Endicott, Susie Tennant, and Ben London.

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