Serving Alcohol at Your Event

The Park Code prohibits liquor in our parks and facilities unless you have received permission to serve it. The State Liquor Act and Criminal Code covers all of our facilities regarding alcohol consumption. This statute allows alcohol to be served under certain circumstances with the permission of Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Serving Alcohol Outdoors

In general alcohol outdoors is not allowed in parks, the one exception is a beer garden as a portion of a larger special event.  You can find more information related to obtaining a special event permit by visiting the Special Events Office website.

Serving Alcohol at an Indoor Facility

Download our information about serving alcohol at events 
If you intend to serve alcohol, you must state that in your paperwork and pay the additional alcohol-related fees when you pay for your reservation. Approval to serve alcohol is contingent on your completing these two steps within two weeks of your rental date:

  1. A banquet permit is required to allow the service and consumption of liquor at a private event, invitation only, or gathering in a public place or club. A copy of this permit will be due to the South Lake Union Event Scheduling Office 10 business days prior to event. For more information and inquiry on how to obtain banquet permit visit the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Control Board website.
  2. Provide a certificate of liability for $1,000,000 co-naming the City of Seattle. If selling alcohol renter must provide $2 million dollar liquor liability insurance. Proof of insurance is required 15 business days prior to event date. More information on these provisions is available when you register.