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Rainier Playfield Improvements
Pro Parks Project Information

3700 S Alaska St

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Toby Ressler
800 Maynard Ave S. 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98134
Thank you, Seattle. This Pro Parks Levy project is complete!

The pathway improvements, signage and landscaping were completed in 2004.
3700 S Alaska St
The Pro Parks Levy provides $67,015 project costs of planning, design and construction.
Planning: Spring 2004
Design: Summer 2004
Construction: Fall/Winter 2004
Completion: December 2004


Develop trails down to fields and landscaping improvements. Which shall include but are not limited to:

1. Key Pathway Improvements Replace or rebuild existing trails and ramps that have become overused or are in need of repair.
a. Southwest Corner (Rainier Ave S and S Alaska St.) Provide a sidewalk surface extension with signage, attractive and informative for both pedestrians and vehicle operators at this intersection. Include way-faring information and direction signs to lead pedestrians along the safest most accessible and convenient route, the sidewalk, from the corner along S Alaska St. to the southeast playfield entry and the community center immediately beyond to the east.
b. Southeast Access (S Alaska St. and 38th Ave S) Repave the gravel service access drive for a convenient and attractive ballfield access route. Provide fill and regrade to improve the slope to an average of 12% or less. Install asphalt for a firm, stable surface with a minimal cross slope (2.5% or less). Connect the driveway to the paving behind Ballfield #1s backstop with a smooth transition. Re-install bollards and gates as needed. Provide ramp signage to inform any disabled users of slope grade, assuming it will be greater than 1:20.

2. Important Path Improvements
a. Close Ramps (east side and west side) - Remove gravel and replace with properly graded soil and ground cover. Add temporary fencing and irrigation as needed to support interim period for establishing new growth.
b. Improve Paths/Ramps Widen to a 36 minimum of graded sloped path/ramp, the west/northwest path and north/northwest path leading from the sidewalks along the northwest perimeter down to Ballfield #3 and the tennis courts respectively. Ensure that the stone path material provides a firm, stable and uniform surface with direct connections to hard surface path or pavement below.

3. Key Signage for Paths & Entries
Provide directional signs indicating the route of travel to the playfield and community center beyond. In particular these will orient new or infrequent visitors to accessing Park facilities. For ramps that do not comply with ADA access guidelines, install an information sign at the top and bottom of the ramp to describe the slope and cross slope percent in addition to the destination. Once on the playfield, provide route destination signs that guide visitors along paths. Some signs appear obvious but the Department is responsible for way finding directions that also serve to keep pedestrians on the safe playfield paths and not to wander across fields or courts, especially during play. See typical sign wording below for mounting on a plastic wood sign bollards and metal enamel painted sign on posts.
a. ADA
i. Notification of ramp grades and cross slope
ii. ADA accessible ramp
b. Way Faring Provide directions to and from the playfield and community center. This will be a visual orientation (and encouragement) to use designated paths. These signs will help both pedestrians and vehicle operators locate main routes to the playfield and community center. Some proposed locations include, but may not be limited to, the following:
i. S Alaska and Rainier Ave S, (to PF and CC sign)
ii. 38th Ave S and S Alaska (to PF and CC signs)
iii. Conover St. and 38th Ave S (to PF and CC signs)
iv. S Oregon St. (see below ADA sign with arrow)
c. Destination
i. Playfield - Provide destination description via a Rainbow Park sign for the Playfield, at Rainier Ave S and S Oregon St.
ii. Community Center - Provide destination description via a rainbow Park sign for the community center at Rainier Ave S and S Alaska St.

4. Landscape Improvements to Support Path Renovation
a. Remove small social trails along slopes, especially along the east and south embankments. Add soil, ground cover and landscape obstacles, as appropriate, to restore the damaged areas and discourage further use. Improved signage at remaining trails may also lessen misuse.
b. Relieve standing water and mud that impedes access along the asphalt apron behind field #3.
c. Revise irrigation as needed to support landscape restoration work.

Site Map
site map



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