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Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent.
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Citywide Skatepark Plan


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Skateable Art Piece

The Skateable Art project was originally going to be constructed in the Fall of 2013. Considerable discussions about building permits, weather issues and completion of the Memorandum of Agreement required more time, so the skateable art piece is scheduled to be installed in June. In addition to building in better weather, thus allowing better craftsmanship, installing the art piece in the spring will allow it to be viewed and used immediately, creating a lively space. In addition, only a small part of the sculpture will be actually skateable.

Currently, Parks is working with DPD on a building permit and with Red Bull on an agreement for liability and maintenance. While a building permit is necessary to be able to build the relatively simple structure, the Memorandum of Agreement with Red Bull for maintenance and liability is critical to installing the structure. Red Bull will fund ongoing maintenance for the skateable art piece for a 10 year period.

Parks hosted the first public meeting for Jefferson Park on July 15, 2013 at the Jefferson Park Community Center. The goal of this meeting was to brief the neighborhood on the history of the project and get feedback on the current work and proposed locations in the park. The artist, CJ Rench, also discussed his thoughts on the art piece.

After this meeting, based on comments from community members who came to the meeting, Parks has decided to explore additional options in the park to site the art. View a report on the meeting at the Beacon Hill Blog.

Jefferson Park Public Meetings:

Myrtle Edwards Public Process:
At the meeting on Wednesday May 29, 2013 Seattle Parks presented history for this potential project and gathered input from the public.

Existing Skatepark Projects

About the Citywide Skatepark Plan

This Citywide Skatepark Plan identifies a network of safe, legal places throughout the city, for people of all ages, races and genders to enjoy. It also offers recommendations that can begin to change the way people think about and experience skateboarding in the City of Seattle.

» See Resolution 30843

The Task Force Now the Skate Park Advisory Committee (SPAC)

Skateboarding is a popular sport across the country and its appeal continues to grow with the recognition of superstars like Tony Hawks and Shaun White. To keep up with one of the fastest growing sports in the nation, the Seattle City Council established a Skatepark Advisory Task Force in 2006 with the goal of creating skatepark plans for Seattle.

The Task Force was comprised of representatives from all quadrants of the city, bringing both skater and non-skater perspectives to this planning effort, as well as diverse backgrounds and professional expertise.

Task Force Recommendations You will need adobe acrobat reader to view this document.
2006 Task Force Members and Meetings You will need adobe acrobat reader to view this document.

Citywide Meetings and Public Process

Seattle Parks created a citywide plan to help provide public facilities for participants in this popular sport. The plan provides a long-term vision for skatepark facilities.

The Public Process History June 2006 - February 2007 You will need adobe acrobat reader to view this document. document provides information about the planning process for the Citywide Skatepark Plan.

Additional Resources

*Note: To view a PDF, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it for free at

Updated April 1, 2014
Susan Golub

Seattle Parks and Recreation is working with the Skate Park Advisory Committee and the community to further the Citywide Skatepark Plan.

Mayor & Sky Delridge Opening Celebration Photo
Delridge Opening Celebration Photo
Benefit Park Design Meeting
Woodland Park Skateboarder
Delridge Opening Celebration Photo

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