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Parks and Green Spaces Levy
Environment Projects

Karen O'Connor: 206-684-7241

The $6.6 million Environment category in the Parks and Green Spaces Levy is dedicated to creating a healthy ecosystem for Seattle. This green funding has three types of projects: Forest and stream restoration, community gardens and shoreline access.


The Levy provides funding for the work of the Green Seattle Partnership. The Green Seattle Partnership formed in 2004 and is working to restore 2,500 acres of forested park land in Seattle by 2025. The unique public/private effort is the largest urban forest restoration project in the nation. Levy funding contributed to the restoration of 126 acres of urban forest in the first two years of the Levy.


The Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch program is managing the development of community gardens and P-Patch projects. The Levy allocates $2 million to create four new community gardens. The program will leverage its original funding to build up to 15 new and expanded gardens by 2013.


Seattles urban landscape is dotted with bodies of water that help shape the Citys character and defines its identity. While much of it is private or park land, 149 public streets in Seattle end on waterfronts. The Levy contributes funding to develop approximately 10 Shoreline Street Ends. These public street ends along Lake Washington, Lake Union, Puget Sound and other waterways provide Seattle an opportunity to increase public shoreline access.

Seattle Parks and Recreation is partnering with Seattle Department of Transportation to implement Levy funded improvements. (See Seattles Shoreline Street Ends Program) Basic actions will be taken to open these spaces for use, including signage and options such as benches, bicycle racks, and minor landscaping. The improvement designs provide physical and/or visual access to the shoreline/water environment at several locations.

Completed improvements are indicated with a red check This project is complete!

  • 20th Ave NW (143)
    Planned to complete in 2016

    Located in Ballard within a quarter mile of the Burke Gilman Trail, this site is a low bank. Improvements will include replacing the existing rubble and debris filled bulkhead with a terraced shoreline, adding large wood, rock and native plants as habitat features. A bench will provide for viewing access to Lake Union.

    Project Site
    Project Site

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    Project UpdateYou will need adobe acrobat reader to view this document.
  • 36th Ave NW (147) This project is complete!

    Located in Ballard on the north side of the canal below the locks and adjacent to the Burke Gilman Trail and Puget Sound.   Site improvements  include an overlook, picnic table, bench and bicycle rack.

    Improved Site
    Improved Site
  • 72nd Avenue S (40) This project is complete!

    Located in the south Rainier Beach neighborhood, this street end is a low bank with a steep driveway access.  Improvements include signage, bench with accessible pad and access to the water’s edge. Improved Site
    Improved Site
  • 75th Avenue S (39) This project is complete!

    Located in the south Rainier Beach neighborhood this street end is a high bank with tree covered slope down to a gravel shoreline. Improvements include a bench and overlook of Lake Washington with hand-rail.

    Improved Site
    Improved Site
  • Mc Graw Street End (109) This project is complete!

    Located in the Magnolia neighborhood, this site has views of the Olympic Mountains. It is low bank access to Puget Sound. Improvements include invasive plant removal, gravel top-dressed trail, signage, a bench, table.   Some native plants will be installed on the slope in fall 2014.

    Improved Site
    Improved SiteYou will need adobe acrobat reader to view this document.
  • Riverside Street End and Shoreline Improvement in the South Park Neighborhood (34)
    Planned to complete in 2016

    This project will open the street end for public use by removing trash, restoring the shoreline along the Duwamish River, install pathway, benches, native landscaping, signage and other access improvements.  Construction is planned to be completed by the end of 2016.

    Partners: Port of Seattle, Seattle Parks Foundation and Seattle Department of Transportation

    Project Site
    Project Site

    Concept Plan You will need adobe acrobat reader to view this document.
  • S Fidalgo Street (26) This project is complete!

    Located in the Georgetown neighborhood between industrial uses overlooking the Duwamish River this project replaced asphalt with concrete pad, cleared blackberries and removed glass debris, installed bench, table, wheel stops and signage. Improved Site
    Improved Site
  • S Oregon Street (24) This project is complete!

    Located on the east side of the Duwamish River, in an industrial context, this is a river overlook site. Improvements include public access signage, a picnic table with a path and pad and invasive vegetation removal.

    Improved Site
    Improved Site
  • Spokane Street East Side/East Waterway (19) This project is complete!

    Located under the West Seattle Bridge overlooking the Duwamish.  Seattle Parks installed curb cut and pathway, bench, bicycle rack, signage and covered soil with wood chips.
    Improved Site
    Improved Site
  • SW Bronson Way (10) This project is complete!

    This project is located in the large parking lot south of Salty’s Restaurant with outstanding views of Elliott Bay and the City skyline. We created a dedicated pedestrian viewing area and replaced guard rail with low wall, replaced compacted gravel with concrete pad, installed bollards, 3 benches, bicycle rack and planting beds with pine trees.

    Improved Site
    Improved Site

The project numbers, following street end names, designate location on the Seattle Department of Transportation map located on page 2 of the Shoreline Street Ends document.

For questions or comments regarding these Street End Improvement projects please contact:

Cheryl Eastberg
SPU/Parks Project Coordinator
Seattle Parks and Recreation

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Last Update March 15, 2016

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