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Lake Washington Boulevard Vegetation Management Plan


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Contact Information

Mark Mead
Urban Forester
(206) 684-4113

About the Project

In August of 2006, Seattle Parks and Recreation began a Public Involvement Process to gather community input on a Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) for Lake Washington Boulevard. The basis of the first draft included the 1903 Olmsted Plan for the City's boulevard system, aka the "Emerald Necklace", a 1986 EDAW study of the Boulevard, and a University of Washington Landscape Architecture Studio. There have been eight community meetings and several smaller stakeholder meetings to collect feedback on the draft plan. Issues raised during the public process include slope stability, tree species selections, views from adjacent residential areas, wildlife habitat, maintenance needs, and recreation area access.

Parks staff have developed a second draft of the VMP. Updates to the first draft have included clarification of technical language, updated drawings that reflect the plans potential visual impacts, an appendix containing the full geotechnical report for the project, tree inventory maps, and language reflecting agreements made with the community during the initial public process. Parks staff has enhanced the production of this second draft VMP with the participation of a Project Advisory Team comprised of leaders from citizen groups that have expressed strong interest in the VMP.

  » Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


» VMP (PDF 3.1M)
» Maps (PDF 13.7M)
» Appendices 1 & 2 (PDF 2.7M)
» Appendices 3, 4 & 5 (PDF 282k)
» Appendices 6 & 7 (PDF 2.8M)
» Appendices 8 (PDF 843k)
» Appendices 9, 10 & 11 (PDF 1.8M)


» '08 Draft VMP (PDF 4M)
» Maps (PDF 7.6M)
» Appendices 1 & 2 (PDF 2.1M)
» Appendices 3, 4, 5 & 6 (PDF 331k)
» Appendices 7 & 8 (PDF 4.1M)
» Appendices 9 (PDF 359M)
» Appendices 10, 11 & 12 (PDF 2M)
» '07 Draft VMP With Strike Through Edits (PDF 2.1M)


» '07 Draft VMP (PDF 4M)
» Appendices (PDF 7.5M)
» Full Geotechnical Report (PDF 1M)
     » Figure 2 (PDF 1.5M)
     » Figure 3 (PDF 1.5M)
» EDAW 1986 Working Papers
     » Introduction and Executive Summary (PDF 1.8M)
     » Full EDAW Report (PDF 28M)

Anticipated finalization of the document is November 2007.


The Public Comment Period on the first draft VMP ended January 31, 2007. The Board of Parks Commissioners hearing for the VMP, originally scheduled for March 8th, has been postponed and will be rescheduled. Parks staff will be working to update the VMP through April. Starting in May Parks staff, with the assistance of a facilitator, will meet with a Project Advisory Team (PAT) to review this second draft of the VMP. Revisions to the draft from this process will be posted to the website late summer 2007. The second draft VMP will be presented at a 9th public meeting slated for late summer. Meeting schedule is pending progress made by the PAT. The meeting will be announced by mail at a minimum of three weeks in advance of the meeting date. For questions regarding this continuing process, please contact Katie Moller, (206) 233-5019.

Past Community Meetings

Draft Presentation

In the weeks following our final Management Unit public involvement meetings, there has been a significant amount of public feedback. In response to feedback, we held two draft Vegetation Management Plan presentations.

Community Involvement Meetings

The area will be divided into three units: the lakeside, boulevard, and slope. A Community Involvement Meeting will be held for each of these elements at the Rainier Community Center, 4600 38th Ave S.

Introductory Meeting

  • Thursday August 17 at 6:30pm
    Graham Visitor's Center: 2300 Arboretum Drive East
    » minutes (PDF 10k)


**Note, the University of Washington posters are labeled "Shoreline." We have since redefined the area as the "Lakeside." The Lakeside will be defined as 5 feet inland of the shoreline.
There are currently maintenance and design plans for the Shoreline:
 - Seattle's Urban Blueprint for Habitat Protection and Restoration
 - Seattle Shoreline Park Inventory and Habitat Assessment

Updated July 23, 2015

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