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Funding, Grants, Bonds & Major Gifts

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1884 Gift of Property Creation of Seattle's Park and Playground System
1884-1904 Administration and appropriations by city council  
1887-1967 Administration by Board of Park Commissioners: Freeholders Charter Revenue from 10% licenses, fines & fees for wet concessions and 3/4 mill of annual tax levy  
1906 1st Park Bond - $500,000 Olmsted Plan Acquisition and Development
- 26 Parks and Playgrounds acquired
1908 Park Bond - $1,000,000
1910 Park Bond - $2,000,000
1912 1st L.I.D. for park purposes: purchase portion of Belvedere Park
1912 Park Bond - $500,000 Acquisition (4) and Development
1916-1924 entirely on revenue and council appropriations  
1924 Park Bond - $430,000 entirely development (construction)
1929-1932 Funds provided by Emergency Unemployed Act (city) [Great Depression]  
1930 Park Bond - $88,789 Development (acquisition by L.I.D.)
1932 Park Bond $370,580 mostly improvement (acquisition by L.I.D.) mainly materials for the WPA program. C.C.C. projects: major one at Carkeek Park.
1934-1944 Federal Aid - CWA, WERA, WPA Major project development of W. Seattle Golf, Camp Long, Stadium. Funds for materials from 1932 Bond
1945 Federal Lanham Act - 70,000 $for extension of Recreation programs for W.W.II servicemen and unemployed
1946-1947 State Grant - $1,225,000 development
1948 Park Bond - $2,500,000 improvements
1952 Bond Issue - $1,500,000
improvements (intended use of bond)
1953   Development of "Planning for Recreation" to definite needs of system
1954 Bond Issue - $3,500,000 DEFEATED acquisition and improvements (intended use of bond)
1958(Mar.) Bond Issue - $3,000,000 DEFEATED improvements, $2,000,000 for Acquisitions (intended use of bond)
1958(Nov.) Bond Issue - $3,500,000
improvements (intended use of bond)
1960 Park Bond - $4,500,000 Park Improvements and an engineering bond for arterials
1964 Matching Funds Open Space Acquisition and Development from Federal BOR, DHUD, State MRL & OR Bonds
1967   Administrative Control returned to Major and Council through Board of Public Works
1968 Park Bond $65,321,000 Acquisition and development
Included a package of 13 Bond Issues for King Country by Forward Thrust. Matched with Federal and State Funds plus investments, gifts, etc. increased the working capital by 50%.
1984 Renovation Bond issue $28 million for the renovation of parks and recreation facilities
1989 King County Open Space and Trails Bond; $117 million ($41 million for Seattle). Leveraged additional $60 million to buy and preserve more than 600 acres.
1991 Seattle Center Community Center Levy; $48.9 million $24 million of which for building 5 new community centers
1995 Seattle Commons Levy, $111 million, DEFEATED  
1996 Seattle Commons Levy, $50 million, DEFEATED  
1996 County parks bond issue DEFEATED Fields and Streams or Park and Consevation Bond (intended use of bond)
1999 Seattle Center Community Center Levy - $72 million $36 million of which for improving 9 community centers and 2 neighborhood civic centers
2000 Pro Parks Levy, $198.2 million More than 100 development and acquisition projects, maintenance, recreation programs, environmental education and more.
2008 Parks Levy, $148 million Up to 27 park acquisition projects and more than 60 park improvement projects already identified in public planning processes, and an opportunity fund for other projects identified by community groups.

Updated March 23, 2009

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