This park is CLOSED.

Parks sprout up in the strangest places! This little one, and its South Passage sister directly across the channel, sit between the pillars of the Freeway Bridge on the water passage between Lake Union and Portage Bay. Finished in 1977, it offers two small picnic on the grass, and several benches on a concrete bulkhead at the water's edge.
Excerpt from Enjoying Seattle's Parks by Brandt Morgan

A propeller from the Arctic Bear – a shallow draft tug that saw service in the icy fjords of Alaska – was installed at North Passage Point Park abutting Lake Union. Bering Marine of Seattle donated the propeller at the request of Philip Thiel, naval architect and professor emeritus at the University of Washington’s School of Architecture. It was Mr. Thiel’s idea to honor the tradition of working watercraft that plied Lake Union’s waters for decades.