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Environmental Stewardship
GSP K-12 Urban Forestry Curriculum

Rebecca Karlsen, Environmental Learning Coordinator
(206) 684-7086 |

6-8 Program Synopsis and Curriculum Overview

Students will learn what urban forests are, why they are important, the threats they are facing, along with an introduction to their project. Students will understand the larger picture and how that affects their local area/park.

    Lesson 1- Introduction-Invasive Species: A National Problem
  • Copies of definition cards
  • Alien Invaders from PLT Invasive Species
  • Charts for students
    Lesson 2- Tree/Forest Benefits
    Lesson 3- The Design Process: Learning about the Problem in Local Urban Forests
    Lesson 3A-Succession (optional)
  • Tree Tops Valley Student page from PLT - Nothing Succeeds Like Succession
  • Starflower Foundation Succession Photos
  • Restore a Habitat II- Images Script
  • Restore a Habitat II- Forest Succession-Plant Growth List
  • Restore a Habitat II- Forest Succession
  • Starflower Foundation Succession Drawings
    Lesson 4- Planning and Implementing Solutions: Invasive Plant Removal
  • Invasive plant information pages and starflower cards
  • Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward Field Guide page 10-14
  • Invasive Plant Removal Plan Chart
    Lesson 5-Field Experience: Removing Invasive Plants
    Lesson 6- Reporting Out
  • Middle School Final Report Form: Final Report
    Lesson 7-WORST WEED Lesson: Teaching Others
  • Invasive plant information sheets used in lesson 4
  • Copies of graphic organizer
  • Rubrics check list for signs/presentations
    Lesson 8- Reflection, Stewardship, and Celebration Materials
  • Elementary School Reporting Form: Student Field Sheet
  • Elementary School Reporting Form: Final Report

Curriculum Downloads

For more information contact us.

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Updated December 28, 2015



Stewardship opportunities for teens include a variety of urban and nature based exploration, fun, and service to our environment.
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Environmental Stewardship programs at Community Centers offer citizens local opportunities to learn about, and help preserve, the natural resources they see and interact with every day.
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Day Camps and "Nature Day Camps" at our Environmental Learning Centers and Community Centers offer week long and summer long opportunities for kids and families to learn about the natural world.

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