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No. 80. November 13, 2006
Gregory J. Nickels, Mayor
Kenneth R. Bounds, Superintendent
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The City Council has made a number of changes to the Mayor's proposed 2007 and 2008 budget for Parks and Recreation. The Council, acting as the Budget Committee, will take final votes on these items tomorrow, Nov. 14. The Full Council anticipates voting on the entire budget package on Monday, Nov. 20.

Changes to the Operating Budget, representing a net cut of $1.3 million:

  • The Council cut the funding for a fourth tree crew, in the amount of $585,288.
  • The Council cut the funding for an increase in Parks' capacity to respond to graffiti complaints, in the amount of $155,634.
  • The Council removed the $406,000 in funding for the proposed rangers to greet visitors and patrol in downtown parks.
  • Council also cut the associated funding for a $238,000 contract with the Seattle Police Department for response in downtown parks.
  • The Council reduced Parks' electricity budget by $30,000.
  • The Council added $201,356 to continue a night of Late Night Recreation at High Point Community Center, and to continue two nights at Rainier Beach and Southwest Community Center.

Changes to the Capital Improvement Program, a net cut to Parks' capital projects of about $4.5 million:

  • A cut of $125,000 from Parks' Utility Conservation Program, and the addition of a like amount to the Danny Woo Community Garden.
  • Addition of $501,000 to the Magnuson Park Athletic Field Renovation Project, specifically for pedestrian improvements at the NE 65th St. entrance to the park.
  • The reduction of $257,000 from the Ballfield Lighting Replacement Project and the addition of $295,000 to the Magnuson Park Wetlands Development Project for interior road and parking lot removal.
  • Elimination of the 2008 CRF funding for the Hiawatha Playfield Renovation Project (but not eliminating the project), reduction of the 2008 budget for the Ballfield Lighting Project by $1 million, elimination of 2008 CRF funding for the Lower Woodland Tennis Court Renovation (but not eliminating the project, and leaving the $200,000 2007 budget), and reduction of the 2008 budget for the Washington Park Playfield Renovation by $1.4 million (the 2007 budget remains at $650,000 and the 2008 budget is reduced from $2.602 million to $1.202 million); and the reservation of $5,015,000 for the potential purchase of the Phinney Neighborhood Center and the University Neighborhood Center (University Heights School building).

Two other actions that failed on 3-4 votes and that may come up for another vote tomorrow are:

  • A cut of $420,000 from the Aquarium Pier 60 Filter Replacement Project and elimination of the project, and the addition of  $400,000 for the Gas Works Park Improvement Project for preservation and structural work on Gas Works Park towers 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • A reduction of $700,000 from the Hiawatha Playfield Renovation Project and reduction of the Ballfield Lighting Replacement Program by $43,000, and the addition of  $743,000 to the Magnuson Park Athletic Field Renovation Project to design and build permanent restrooms.


For details about the Mayor's 2007-08 Proposed Budget, including the Capital Improvement Program, please see

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