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Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent.
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Advisory Council Code of Ethics


To further the objectives of the advisory council, certain principles govern the conduct of all advisory council members and employees of the advisory council, who shall:

  1. Agree that the advisory council's chief objective is to serve the best interests of the public.
  2. Facilitate the highest level of service to the public through appropriate and well-organized programs, equitable and unbiased policies and procedures, and courteous and accurate customer service.
  3. Protect the solvency of the advisory council by budgeting and monitoring the expenditure of public funds in a fiscally responsible manner.
  4. Uphold a mutually supportive and cooperative working partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation.
  5. Attend meetings and keep informed about matters that concern the advisory council, and share viewpoints and ideas for serving the community's best interest.
  6. Treat others with respect, fairness, and good faith, and encourage opportunities for advisory council employees and members to improve their skills.
  7. Advocate for fair and equitable conditions of employment that safeguard the rights and welfare of all.
  8. Respect the differences between private convictions and responsibilities as members or employees of the advisory council, and ensure that the interests of the community always take precedence over private interests.
  9. When speaking in public, clearly state whether we are speaking as private citizens or as a representative of the advisory council.
  10. Be forthcoming about possible conflicts of interest, and inform the council of any personal interests or potential personal interests in any decisions to be made by the advisory council.
  11. Protect the privacy of customers, staff, and advisory council members as it relates to sensitive issues.
Updated July 11, 2007
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