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Tree Trimmer

Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is currently seeking Tree Trimmers to join our Natural Resources Unit. This position plays a key role in maintaining 6200 acres of Seattle's urban forest and in helping the department enhance ecological preservation and environmental sustainability.  Apply by July 9, 2019 at 4 pm. 

The most competitive candidates will have an ISA Arborist Certifiction and a passion for preserving and caring for trees. Under general supervision, your days will include the following:

  • Pruning and removing green belt, arterial, park, and street trees to provide public safety and maintain healthy trees.  
  • Climbing trees of varying heights using rope, saddles, spurs, ladders, or an aerial hydraulic lift truck in order to safely prune or remove trees.  
  • Felling trees and salvaging fallen timber; removing trees and stumps.  
  • Responding to emergency calls to remove damaged sections or entire trees.  
  • Maintaining, inspecting, and operating a variety of equipment such as hydraulic aerial lift trucks, hand and power saws, compressors, wood chippers, winches, blowers, and stump cutters.  
  • Weeding tree pits; fertilizing, watering, and pruning young trees; spraying trees for insects, diseases or weed control.  

arborist dangling from belay lines on big tree

  • Evaluating tree health for potential hazard to property and public safety.
  • ArcGIS Applications for Tree Inventory data collection.  
  • Performing other related duties of a comparable level/type as assigned.

large tree cut in half that had been blocking a road

Minimum qualifications:

One year experience in urban forestry, landscape maintenance, tree farming, or tree trimming which involves the use of safety harnesses, climbing equipment, aerial hydraulic lift trucks, rigging, and chain saws and includes the application of arboricultural practices, proper pruning methods, and related safety practices. Combinations of education, training, and experience will be evaluated on an individual basis for comparability.  

Desired qualifications:

Three years of experience working in the arboriculture industry as a Tree Trimmer, ISA Certification, and more here

Physical Demands:

This position requires that you stand, walk, climb trees, or bend for extended periods, and to lift objects weighing in excess of 50 pounds. You also may be required to handle or work with toxic/hazardous substances, to work outdoors in all types of weather, and to be on-call at all times in case of emergencies. To read more about the work environment and demands, see the full job posting.

Other information:

A current "FULL" driving abstract from the Department of Licensing must be submitted with your application by the closing date for consideration in this process. Candidates with driving history that does not meet our current safety standards will be disqualified from consideration. See the full job posting for a points system that will help you determine if your driving record meets our standards. The post includes other certifications and requirements for this position.

gnarly tree branches in a Seattle Park