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The Seattle Conservation Corps (SCC) is looking for a Human Services professional with strong local case management skills to provide case management a assistance to homeless adults. SCC is a work training program for homeless adults ranging in age from 18-70. Participants engage in work training 40 hours a week by working in different areas of the city, and are compensated for their engagement at the minimum wage rate. 

Make a real difference for those facing homelessness

You will primarily provide case management assistance to homelss adults in this one year work training program, and will serve 20-25 people in a current case load (but up to 50+ in a year). Among your responsibilities:  

  • Welcoming new recruits and explaining the purpose and guidelines of the program
  • Developing service strategies for participants, which may include negotiating with the Division of Child Support; connecting participants with community service providers and resources for housing; and resolving barriers to employment 
  • Transporting participants to appointments
  • Providing de-escalation, crisis intervention and basic counseling services
  • And more

participants lift log barriers during work training for the SCC program

workers receiving instruction at an outdoor Parks project

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience working with homeless adults.
  • Broad knowledge of Seattle resources for homeless adults including housing, addiction and mental health treatment, and pro bono legal services.
  • Experience in work training, human services or other anti-poverty work settings
  • Experience with one-on-one case management services to at risk adults.
  • Experience maintaining client files and client data.
  • Strong clinical understanding of the impact of trauma.
  • Other desired qualifications here

Minimum Requirements:

  • Three years social services experience involving interviewing, counseling, or crisis intervention, and a Bachelor's degree in Social Services, Psychology or a related field (or a combination of education and/or training and/or work experience which provides the ability to perform the work of the class).
  • Current WA State driver's license

two workers laying a concrete patio for Seattle Parks & Recreation

Additional desired qualifications, position functions and information can be found in the detailed job posting.

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