Parks Design and Construction Standards

Seattle Parks & Recreation (SPR) Standards provide design and construction guidelines for Seattle Parks' facilities. These standardized requirements have proved successful during the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of Seattle Parks' facilities. Please email for more information. Consultants shall request original versions of the documents in MS Word or AutoCAD format as applicable by emailing:

These Standards are intended as a library of options for individual park design conditions. In certain situations additions, deletions or deviations may be acceptable if approved by the Parks Engineer and/or Construction Manager during the design review process. The Consultant shall verify that contract documents reflect use of the most current Standards. Documents are updated regularly. It is important to refer to this site at the start of each project. Do not carry over this information from one project to the next.

The items contained within the following PDF portfolios are sample documents. These are intended for reference purposes only and are not to be directly incorporated into project contract documents.

Design Standards

The following documents shall be used for information purposes only. They include typical guidelines and practices to be read and implemented by the Consultant during the design process.

These documents include park site and building design guidelines and items such as site furnishings options, with attached options images. They shall be used as the basis for formulation of additional design work and the preparation of the associated technical specifications.

Several of the Design Standards need to be accompanied by a Maintenance & Utility Impact Report that quantifies expectations in terms of utility usage and operations/maintenance costs for the proposed concept(s).

Standard Details & Plans

Select one of the following subject links to access copies of standard details and plans maintained by SPR. These are for information only, and AutoCAD versions will be provided to Consultants under contract with SPR upon request. Unless specifically approved otherwise, AutoCAD files must be incorporated "as-is" within SPR Contract Documents.


These Standards are not intended to supersede City/State/Federal laws or codes or generally accepted design practices of professional consultants. It is meant to be used on Seattle Parks' projects only. Seattle Parks shall not be held responsible if these standards are used for other purposes.

If the Consultant identifies any conflict between these Standards and City of Seattle or other governing codes, he/she shall notify the Project Manager and seek a resolution, which complies with City codes and thereafter is acceptable to the Seattle Parks.