Westlake & Lenora Park Development (Urban Triangle Park)

Updated: August 17, 2018

August 2018

This park has just been officially named Urban Triangle Park.

Through the design process we created an updated design which allowed the park to be coordinated with the adjacent neighborhood development and become a seamless benefit to our urban environment.

Construction was delayed due to extended permitting time. Parks submitted for permit in September 2017, SDCI issued permit in August 2018. Now that we have permit we can bid, award, and execute the construction contract. See revised schedule below. Thank you for your patience during this delay.


2100 Westlake Ave


This project redevelops the previous Enterprise Car Rental site into park land that will serve the downtown businesses and residences. It may include lighting, seating, landscaping, ADA access, places for vendors, and other park elements. It will be designed to have a seamless transition between the park and the adjacent tower development. Collaboration, on grading; circulation; materials, between the Parks Department team and the tower design team for areas within the alley which is being vacated, will occur at the schematic design stage.


Funding for planning and schematic design is provided through city public benefit funds from a nearby street vacation project in the amount of $150,000.
Remaining necessary total project funds, including construction funding, is not yet available.


Planning: Through May 2014
Design: May 2014 through August 2018
Construction: September 2018 - February 2019


Spring/Summer 2014

Seattle Parks is starting the design process for a new park in the Denny Triangle Urban Village Center. In April, 2014, $150,000 was allocated to start the design process for a new park at Westlake and Lenora. This is a land banked site being held in its current condition until funds become available for development.

An alley exists between the park property and the adjacent tower development site. Parks is working with the adjacent developer to vacate the alley and bring mutual benefit to both parties. The adjacent development is currently being designed, so it's important for the design of the park to begin. We're excited to have Site Workshop, a local landscape architecture firm, lead the park design.

In order to ensure a seamless and coordinated design where the two properties meet, the park will be envisioned to a schematic level with special attention to grades and access within the alley. This will allow all parties to move forward informed and lay the groundwork for future park development.


On December 31, 2008 Seattle Parks purchased the 8,722 square foot property at 2100 Westlake Avenue for a new neighborhood park in the Denny Triangle Urban Center Village. King County approved $900,000 to $1 million in matching funds through the Conservation Futures Tax towards this acquisition.

Community Participation

Early Site Plan Design

Westlake Lenora Design Update 12/2017

Public Meeting #1  5/20/2014

Public Meeting #2  6/17/2014