Webster Park Play Area Renovation

Updated: January 11, 2017

Thank you Seattle this project is complete!

The new renovated play area includes a new play structure for 2 to 5 year-old children, complete with inclusive play elements and a rainbow slide akin to the old slide in the park. The 5 to 12-year-old children play structures are rocks and ropes elements that offer climbing and balance opportunities. Seattle Parks and Recreation installed a new sand digging area and provided new basketball backboards, hoops, and nets. The entry at 68th along with a portion of the sidewalk was improved to provide universal access into the play area.

Download photos of the renovated play area


Webster Park, 3025 NW 68th St, 98117

Budget & Schedule

See the budget and schedule for this project on our Open Budget website

Project Description

Install updated play equipment and improve access to the Webster Park. The play equipment will include play structures and seating accessible to children of all ages and abilities and also other elements for play.

Community Participation 

Public Meeting 11/15/2015

Public Meeting 1/25/2016