Lake City Skatespot at Virgil Flaim Park

Updated: February 28, 2017

Spring 2017

Seattle Parks and Recreation awarded the construction contract to Grindline Skateparks. We will work with them to minimize impact to the park, although many of the pathways and the basketball court will be closed during construction.

Seattle Parks and Recreation, Cascade Design Collaborative and Grindline Skateparks thank everyone who attended the first and second public meetings. We incorporated the community input into the project and will be adding a second basketball hoop and improving the walking loop in the park.

Thank you also to everyone who participated in our Twitter chat on July 21. We appreciate your input.


Virgil Flaim Park, 2750 NE 125th St, 98125


The Opportunity Fund allocates $750,000 for the planning, design and construction of this project. This project received a $75,000 King County Youth Sports Grant.


Planning: Fall 2014 - Winter 2015
Design: Spring 2015 - Winter 2015
Construction: January - July 2017
Completion: July 2017

Project Description

This project was selected for the second round of Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Funding. The application received in this community-initiated process is a preliminary concept and the final design may be constrained by the project budget. All projects will go through Park’s public involvement procedure which includes public meetings and community input. They will also go through an internal Parks process to ensure the most effective implementation.

The Lake City Skatespot project will add a small skateboard park (skatespot), relocate the basketball court, and add other amenities and improvements at Virgil Flaim Park.

Virgil Flaim skatespot concept

Community Participation

Input Opportunity #1 7/13/2015

Input Opportunity #3 9/28/2015