Greenwood-Phinney Park Development

Updated: August 16, 2016

Summer 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended the Open House and Input Opportunity at the Greenwood Car Show on June 25. Information from the Open House and the online survey results can be found below. Everyone's feedback was greatly appreciated.

Seattle Parks and Recreation purchased two property sites between N. 81st and N. 82nd on the east side of Greenwood to develop a park ( the mini-mart site purchased in November 2012 and the pub property immediately north purchased in July 2015). The two buildings will be demolished in the fall 2016.

The Seattle Park District project will fund the development of the south parcel to provide the Greenwood/Phinney urban area access to open space. Schematic design and public input will be completed for both the north and south parcels to create a seamless design, however only the south parcel will be constructed in 2017. The north parcel will include open lawn until funding for the north parcel is received.

Seattle Parks and Recreation will work with the community to design this park.              


Between N 81st St & N 82nd St on the east side of Greenwood Ave N, 98103


Seattle Park District provides $750,000 for planning, design and construction.


Planning: Spring - Summer 2016
Design: Summer - Fall 2016
Construction: Winter - Fall 2017
Completion: Fall 2017

This Seattle Park District project was funded to provide the community access to open space within high density urban areas across the city.

Community Participation

Open House and Input Opportunity 6/25/2016