Golden Gardens Drainage and Stairway Renovation

Updated: August 25, 2016

Summer 2016

The stairway from lower Golden Gardens Park to the off-leash area is scheduled to close on August 25 for approximately three months for a park improvement project. During this time, the stairway and upper landing area will be closed.

This project will provide drainage improvements and replace damaged portions of the existing concrete stairway. The project will replace multiple sections of failing stairs with a new 6 ft. wide concrete stairway. New ADA-compliant hand railings and landings will be installed as part of the renovation. Drainage improvements will include replacement of deteriorated storm drain infrastructure and enhancement of the open concrete channel adjacent to the stairway. The improved drainage system will capture and redirect localized surface and subsurface flows to reduce subgrade settling and re-occurrence of current erosion problems. The work will be done in accordance with applicable environmental and regulatory requirements.

Funding for the project is provided by the 2008 voter-approved Parks and Green Spaces Levy. 

Construction is anticipated to be complete by December 2016. For more information contact Chris Mueller, Seattle Parks and Recreation, at 206-684-0998 or


Golden Gardens Park, 8498 Seaview Pl NW


The Parks and Green Spaces Levy allocated $438,000 for planning, design and construction. Funds for this project have been redirected from the Seattle Asian Art Museum renovation project.


Planning: Summer – Fall 2015
Design: Fall 2015 – Spring 2016
Construction: Summer – Fall 2016
Completion: Winter 2016

Project Description

This project provides drainage improvements and replaces the damaged stairway steps from the lower park area to the dog-off-leash- area. The purpose of the project is to renovate the existing storm drainage system that collects and directs some of the park surface and subsurface drainage flows from the upper road through the mid-parking lot at the dog-off-leash- area to the appropriate drainage area The scope will include replacing damaged steps with a new stairway, and replacing the drainage channel from the top of the steps to the open channel.

This will improve the drainage system and related impacts such as hillside erosion. The work will be done in accordance with environmental and regulatory requirements.

Community Participation

Public Meeting 10/7/2015