Denny Park Paving, Drainage and Irrigation

Updated: March 28, 2017

Spring 2017

Due to expansion of the project scope, including new pathway lighting, the anticipated construction completion date has been extended to early May 2017.

Construction of the Denny Park Paving, Drainage and Irrigation project is in progress and nearing completion. The park is closed for construction, however the play area remains open for use.

We are working with the community and planning a ribbon cutting celebration on May 6.

Please check this website for updates.

Download the Proposed Renovation Site Plan


Denny Park, 100 Dexter Ave N, 98109


See the budget and phase for this project on our Open Budget website

Project Description

  • Pavement Replacement & Enhancement
  • Drainage & Sanitary Sewer Replacement
  • Irrigation System Replacement & Upgrade

The project includes replacement of the park's pathways and paved areas. In addition, storm drainage, sanitary sewer and irrigation systems will be replaced and upgraded. Potential modifications to the central plaza area may be included in the project and would improve pedestrian circulation, enhance ADA accessibility and provide a more functional community gathering space. Other proposed improvements may include a new central raingarden feature, new benches and planting bed modifications.

Community Participation

Public Meeting 2/2/2016

Public Meeting 4/19/2016