Community Center Stabilization Overview

Updated: April 25, 2019

The 2016 Community Center Strategic plan named eight community centers for major maintenance projects focused on extending the life of these facilities and increasing programming potential. The eight centers are listed below. Each link brings you to more information about that center's project.

Community Center Projects


Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool
Improvements include pool pump and heating replacement, electrical repairs, pool deck cleaning and sealing, gym floor leveling and refinishing and more.

Hiawatha Community Center
Improvements include electrical repairs, water and sewer pipe replacements, furnace and water heater repairs, roof replacement, and more.

Jefferson Community Center
Improvements include electrical repairs, kitchen upgrades, ADA improvements, elevator installation, roof repair, and more.

Loyal Heights Community Center

Magnolia Community Center
Improvements include window repairs, seismic upgrades, ADA improvements, kitchen improvements and electrical upgrades.

Queen Anne Community Center
Improvements include roof repair, kitchen upgrades, and ADA improvements.

South Park Community Center
Improvements include ventilation, restroom remodeling, ADA improvements, roof repair, and more.


Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool

Lake City Community Center

How did SPR decide what repairs will be most important to our center?

In Spring 2017, Seattle Parks and Recreation staff toured these eight centers with community leaders and center staff to identify priority improvements. These “walk-throughs” together with  architectural and engineering studies of each facility informed the proposed scope of improvements for these centers.
While SPR intends to complete all the prioritized improvement items listed below, these facilities are older and we anticipate limited changes to scope once maintenance is underway.

What if we think a community center needs more repairs or needs a brand new center?

Seattle Parks and Recreation is in the process of looking at ALL of our recreation facilities and identifying the next round of major maintenance, and to identify any neighborhoods that lack sufficient access to community centers and recreation spaces. This process will include many opportunities to hear from communities, inform our funding, and help us secure partnerships.