Ballfield Lighting Replacement Program

Updated: May 3, 2016

Summer-Fall 2015

In August 2015 Seattle Parks and Recreation replaced three lighting poles that were deteriorating with one new state-of-the-art pole and lighting fixtures at Bitter Lake Playfield. SPR is currently obtaining cost estimates to replace the remaining poles and fixtures.


Budget: This program is funded through the Cumulative Reserve Fund over the next several years at a total estimated cost of $11 million. Future funding for this program depends on available resources.
Construction: Late July 2015
Completion: Early August 2015

This project is part of an ongoing design program to replace outmoded lighting systems at various fields throughout the park system. The new lighting systems will reduce light spill into neighboring communities and night skies. The new systems will also be more energy efficient and provide safe, uniform lighting levels for the users. At this field, some of the existing poles and fixtures will be demolished. New poles, fixtures and electrical control equipment will be installed.