14th Ave NW – Gemenskap (Yuh-MEN-skawp) Park

Updated: October 12, 2017

Fall 2017

Seattle Parks and Recreation and the contractor, Jansen, Inc., met with Seattle Department of Transportation(SDOT) on Friday, Oct. 6 to outline the construction timeline for Gemenskap Park. At the meeting, SDOT approved and issued the Street Improvement Permit. We are very pleased to arrive at this juncture, especially after complications that arose in awarding the construction contract.  

Jansen, Inc. has experience with this type of project and we look forward to working with them. We have been in discussion with Jansen, Inc. to outline the best time to begin construction while still providing a safe pedestrian and vehicle accessibility on 14th Ave NW during construction.

When this project was originally bid in May we were planning on beginning work this past summer and would have been completed with the road closure portion of the project by the fall. Due to additional time needed during the bidding process and the time it has taken for permit submittal approval we now anticipate construction start date of January 2, 2018.

The timeline in completing the project is not effected by pushing the start date until January. If Jansen began construction in November, the project would experience construction delays due to weather. Additionally, the construction requires 2-3 month detour route on 14th Ave NW between 58th and 60th and this closure will be less impactful by shortening the overall construction time. Jansen, Inc. anticipates completing the project in late spring 2018.

We will deliver a successful project for the community.  Making this schedule change will provide a better timeframe for construction and allow Jansen, Inc. to complete the project in an efficient manner with fewer impacts on the community.


Ballard, 14th Ave NW between NW 59th and NW 61st Streets


Approximately $2.9 million Parks and Green Spaces Levy acquisition funding will be allocated to the development of this project. Anticipated construction cost based on schematic design is $1.65 million.


Planning: 2012 - 2013
October 2013 - 2017
Early Winter 2018 - Spring 2018
Late spring 2018

Project Description

The project converts two full blocks of 14th Ave. NW to a new park between NW 59th and NW 61st streets with transition lanes to the park from the north and south. A park will replace the gravel parking median and portions of the existing concrete roadway. The project includes green infrastructure and incorporates safety improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

The design and construction of this project are funded by the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Acquisition Fund, which provides $24 million for the acquisition of neighborhood parks in up to 20 identified areas throughout the City. The Ballard Residential Urban Village was included in that list. The community prioritized this development project in lieu of acquiring additional property.