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Apply to be a Volunteer Naturalists

Seattle Volunteer Naturalists enhance, promote and foster appreciation of nature by connecting families and students with their Seattle parklands, and providing educational opportunities for all. Read more information about our Volunteer Naturalists Program on our page.

Volunteer Naturalists;

K-12 Field Investigations

Bringing hands-on science and environmental education to your local park.

We provide opportunities for grades K-12 and organized groups to experience age-appropriate, hands-on adventures in learning about natural communities in an urban setting.

Programs align with WA State Essential Academic Learning Requirements for core content areas and support Science kits.

Brochure coming soon! For more information and to schedule school programs, call 206-684-0877 or email

K-12 Field Investigations Program Descriptions

Preschool and Kindergarten Programs

Beaches (Spring and Summer only)
Search for the hard and the soft, the quick and the slow, and all the colors of the intertidal community at Discovery Park.

Camp Long and Discovery Park has lots of forest habitat to explore. Venture through the trees looking for clues to animal habits, hiding places, and seasonal happenings. The Forest program empowers participants to feel comfortable in the outdoors.

Ponds(Spring and Summer only)
Experience the freshwater habitats of a city park at Camp Long or Discovery Park. Waddling ducks, wriggling tadpoles, and dancing dragonflies are some of the creatures we may see as we explore what makes these places so special.

Spiders (Fall only)
Weaving webs, waiting, stalking, and pouncing: delve into a micro-world as we search for and observe spiders at Discovery Park or Camp Long. Discover beautiful and fascinating spiders as we explore fields and forests. Learn web construction and spider anatomy. The Spiders program allows participants to explore in nature in a hands-on manner, safely, that inspires stewardship and appreciation.

Grades 1-12

Spiders (Fall only)
Spiders are a fascinating group of animals that have a bad reputation. Investigate the characteristics of spiders and how their adaptations actually help humans to survive. Search the park for different types of spiders using various hands-on techniques at Discovery Park or Camp Long. Observe how spiders catch their food and their important role in the ecosystem.  Participants explore nature and the lives of spiders in an experiential manner that inspires respect, stewardship, and curiosity.

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its evergreen forests. Explore these forests and the animals that make their homes in them, right here in city parks at Discovery Park or Camp Long. This field program is an exciting, hands-on way to teach participants about forest stewardship, interdependence, the cycles of nature, and native plants.

Beaches (Spring and Summer Only)
Explore the saltwater beaches of Puget Sound at Discovery Park during low tide. Learn to find, touch, and handle, gently and safely, the unusual life forms that make their home between the tides. Discover the challenges of life in the tide zone and the adaptations these animals develop to survive. This field program allows students to experience a unique habitat in a hands-on manner that inspires curiosity, stewardship, and learning.

Ponds (Spring and Summer only)
Explore the varied aquatic habitats of city parks at Discovery Park or Camp Long. Using dip nets and field magnifiers catch and identify aquatic wildlife. Get a first-hand look at water dwelling organisms without backbones and their habitat!

Stewardship for Students (Grades 5 and up)
Classrooms have the opportunity to improve habitat for wildlife through hands-on service projects at Discovery Park.  Naturalists guide students through intensive instruction through interactive games, hikes, invasive plant removal, native planting or beach clean-up. All habitat restoration work done at Discovery Park qualifies for Service Learning hours.   


Updated February 1, 2016


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Teen opportunities include urban and nature based exploration, fun, and service to our environment.
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