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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Photo by CityWeb Team

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Domain Name Evolution

The Names...

Since it's inception in late 1994, the City of Seattle's web site has been known by several names: Public Access Network (PAN), and now,

Public Access Network or PAN
was the name the City's first internet presence, a dial-up bulletin board (you remember them!). When the bulletin board was replaced by the City's first web site the name was kept. In fact to this day many here in the City still refer to the City's web as PAN, at least informally.
In 2000, as part of that year's redesign of the City's web site, what was by then our main domain name was adopted as the brand name as well. Then in 2001...
...the City acquired the far more streamlined In 2002 it was made the official domain name for email, and in 2003 was designated as the official brand of the City of Seattle's web site. The domain was fully implemented with the May, 2004 redesign to the current look and feel.

...and Addresses


All of these domain names are owned by the City of Seattle, and can be (and often are) used interchangeably.

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