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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Photo by CityWeb Team

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City Services


Summary of budget for the Seattle Channel before and after the creation of the Democracy Portal

Year Operating Budget Debt Service/ Capital Budget
1998 $751,546 $114,000
1999 $926,779 $113,560
2000 $1,055,964 $114,410
2001 $1,139,652 $112,448
2002 $1,387,940 $300,000
2003 $1,588,505 $80,000
2004 $1,712,628 $50,000
2005 $1,877,406 $91,240

Budget Notes:

In 1998-2001, the Channel's Budget included debt service on bonds used to pay for purchase of the original equipment. 2002 funding for equipment includes costs of replacing cameras in the Council Chambers in the new City Hall. 2003-2005 funding is for replacement equipment that is part of a five year plan.

The Channel's Operating Budget through 2001 includes approximately 100,000 per year in departmental overhead costs; after 2002, these costs were funded directly. The Channel's budget continues to include costs for direct overhead such as rent and telephones; rent was significantly underbudgeted in 2003 and 2004, as rental costs in the new City Hall were unknown at the time the budget was put together.