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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Photo by CityWeb Team

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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk E-Government Conference 2004

City of Seattle E-Government Strategies

Presented by Bruce Blood, Manager, Citywide Web Team, City of Seattle, July 8, 2004

Making All City Services Available On Line

This is, of course, the most ambitious of goals -- one that we may never fully reach. Still, tremndous progress has been made in the nine years since the City of Seattle first created a web site. provide citizens and other users access to thousands of pages of information on hundreds of City services including many interactive forms and databases. users can:

The Future

Over the next two years a number of web based applications will be developed to provide a whole new range of transaction-base online services on For example, some of these will allow:

  • businesses to file and pay their City Business and Occupation Taxes
  • contractors to obtain and pay for certain kinds of permits
  • utility customers to start and stop services, and soon, view and pay their bills online
  • schedule Municipal Court hearings
  • register for classes offered by Seattle community centers
  • reserve facilities (picnic tables, tennis courts, etc.) at City parks

Security and Infrastructure

Because these types of transactional applications often collect information that is sensitive and personal, or include monetary transactions, security is of the utmost importance. The City of Seattle has adopted a Comprehensive Technology Security Policy which describes the risks and requirements for keeping the City's -- and it's citizens' -- information and technology assets as safe as possible. Risk assessment is based on the type of data and level of exposure to the City's network and servers.

Seattle is currently building an advanced network and server architecture which will provide the required levels of physical security for web-based transactions. The City has also begun the process of training it's developers to use programming techniques that comply with standards designed to ensure the safety of the applications themselves.

Bruce Blood
Manager, Citywide Web Team
City of Seattle
July 8, 2004