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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Photo by CityWeb Team

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Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk E-Government Conference 2004

City of Seattle E-Government Strategies

Presented by Bruce Blood, Manager, Citywide Web Team, City of Seattle, July 8, 2004

Improving Communication between Citizens and Seattle City Government

Over the years both a succession of Mayors and City Councils have all put a great deal of emphasis on providing citizens a variety of channels to communicate with their offices and City government as a whole.

Officials have also recognized that many citizens who might wish to use technology to communicate with the City have disabilities that may limit their ability to do so. Other constituents may not have the skills necessary or may simply be unable to afford the required equipment and connectivity. To address these needs the City of Seattle has adopted accessibility standards, instituted training programs, and helped establish over thirty public technology access centers. provides numerous we-based services designed to ease citizen interaction with the City. Some examples:

Contact the Mayor/Customer Service Bureau
Both of these services allow citizens to ask questions, state opinions or make complaints using a simple form. These contacts, and the City's responses, are tracked with a Constituent Management System. In addition the Mayor's web site provides information on issues, initiatives and the Mayor's priorities.

Contact the Seattle City Council
Each of the nine City Council Members has his/her own web site and can be contacted directly by email. The Council's site also lists meeting schedules, agendas, issues and ways for citizens to get involved.

Legislative Databases
An index of all legislation introduced to the City Council since 1869.

City Staff Directory
The City maintains an online listing of all City employees including phone numbers and email addresses.

"Departments" Portal Page
Gives a brief explanation of every City department and agency, provides contact information and links to the wealth of information available on departmental web sites.

Seattle Channel
Unique to Seattle, the Seattle Channel weaves the City's cable television station and a specialized web site into an integrated, complimentary information portal. Homepage and Portal
are designed to make it as easy as possible for citizens to find the information they're looking for.

Bruce Blood
Manager, Citywide Web Team
City of Seattle
July 8, 2004