What Sister Cities Do

Through sister city programs, grassroots resident groups and local governments work together to promote international understanding and goodwill.

The program:

  1. Creates and strengthens partnerships between U.S. and international communities
  2. Facilitates global cooperation and best practices at the municipal level
  3. Promotes cultural understanding
  4. Stimulates economic development

Out of the exchange of ideas and shared experiences, lasting friendships have developed. Educational opportunities have benefitted our young global leaders of the future.  Trade and tourism, benefiting all cities and countries, have become increasingly common.

Exchanges and activities are conducted in the following categories:

Education ● Language ● Art ● Foreign Investment ● Song and Dance ● Cuisine ● Social Issues ● Youth ● Trade ● Sports ● Health ● Medicine ● Science ● Science and Technology ● Wildlife ● Plants ● Environment ● Government