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Seattle Sister Cities Annual Report 2007
The Highlights

Beer Sheva

2007 marked a year of great celebration for the Seattle-Beer Sheva Sister City Association in connection with the group’s inclusion as one of the four featured sister cities at the Annual Sister Cities Reception in April 2007.  Activities surrounding this milestone event included the following:

  • Securing the participation of Israel’s Vice Consul Ishmael Khaldi to speak to the Assemblage.
  • Obtaining Beer Sheva Object D’Art for Inclusion in the City Display Cabinets.
  • Engaging Seattle-based Israeli Dance Troupe Tzahala to Perform at Event.
  • Obtaining Items and Coordinating Silent Auction Fundraising.
  • Participation in Annual Sister City Reception by all of the Board of SBSSCA and many members.

In addition to the event, two ongoing projects occupied the committee’s time during 2007:  initial planning for a trip to Beer Sheva in 2009 as an adjunct to the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Trade Study Mission to Abu Dhabi and Dubai; and a Computerized Chess tournament between Seattle’s TT Minor Elementary and an elementary school in Beer Sheva to be held in Spring of 2008.

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40th Anniversary. In 2007 the Seattle-Bergen Sister City Association celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The event welcomed a number of special guests, such as Deputy Mayor and Director of Education of Bergen.

High school exchange program. The Association continued their high school exchange program, sending several Seattle Schools teachers for a month stay and Seattle high school students for a 10 week stay in Bergen. In exchange, Seattle received 26 high school students and a teacher from its sister city.

Other cultural activities. The year was also filled with cultural activities and performances, such as annual Julebord dinner, young piano students’ recital, and Sissel of Saul theater group’s performances. 

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“Pacific Voices.” In January, the Burke Museum installed the “Pacific Voices” exhibit presenting the Icon Patron Saint of Cebu and its history, which is still on display to date.  The exhibit’s installation was followed by the celebration at Immaculate Conception Parish and St. James Cathedral.

Trip to Cebu. Vice President of the Seattle-Cebu Sister City, Henry Alazas, and a small group of Board members visited Cebu in April of 2007. Among other cultural events, was the 3rd Annual Ambassador Tour to the Philippines, sponsored by the Philippines’ Consul, Department of Tourism, and Department of Trade and Industry.

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During 2007 the Seattle-Chongqing Sister City hosted 2 delegations, including Chongqing Social Security Bureau officials and Chongqing Media and Broadcasting Group. The first delegation had various interests, which included social security practices and exchange programs.

The high school exchange program. A group of students from Nankai High School visited Seattle in September.

Visiting scholar program. The program was initiated and successfully welcomed its first visiting scholar from the Chongqing University of Science and Technology, Ms. Wentao Chen, who will be starting her study and research at Seattle University and Antioch University this fall.

New exchange programs were initiated in 2007, including:

  1. Seattle-Chongqing Library exchange
  2. Woodland Park-Chongqing Zoo exchange
  3. Chongqing Yangtze river Museum with Seattle Art Museum, Museum of History and Industry, and the Burke Museum
  4. Performing Arts exchanges in both directions
  5. Sister College initiatives with several Washington universities with Chongqing universities and colleges

The focus of the new exchanges was set to highlight the 25th Anniversary of the sister city relationship that will be celebrated in 2008. Planning is also under way for delegations to travel in both directions for Anniversary celebrations.

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2007 was another extraordinary year for the Association, with many important events and projects. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark visited Seattle in March and Trade Minister Phil Goff visited Seattle in November. The Association received the “Best Overall Program” award. Below is a summary of the Association’s activities in chronological order:

Visit by the Prime Minister. New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark visited Seattle in March after brief visits to Washington, DC, and Chicago. She addressed Association’s members at a reception hosted by New Zealand Ambassador to the United States, Roy Ferguson. Her speech concentrated on steps New Zealand is taking to reduce human contribution to global warming. She emphasized the importance of the relationship between New Zealand and the State of Washington because of many common concerns.

Reception and “Best Overall Program” Award. The Seattle-Christchurch Sister City Association received the award for the Best Program in 2007.

Seattle International Film Festival. The Association sponsored a Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) presentation of Eagle vs. Shark by a New Zealand film producer Taika Waititi. The Association attended a screening of the film and hosted a reception for its producer.

Video Project. The Association assisted film producers, Mike and Donna James, in preparing a video about Christchurch. Members advised them about places to include and helped set up contacts in New Zealand.

Arboretum. The Association assisted Arboretum Director David Mabberley in developing a closer relationship between the Arboretum and the City of Christchurch, Canterbury University, and Lincoln University. Association’s members Clint Staaf, Baxter and John Bollard worked with the Arboretum to add more native New Zealand plants to the collection.

Seattle Scholars Program. Three high school students from Christchurch visited Seattle for 15 days in late September and early October as part of the annual Seattle Scholars Program. They were hosted by families at University Prep. in Seattle; the program was coordinated by board member Pat Grant. Council member Richard Conlin and Association Board Member Phyllis Shulman welcomed the group to Seattle at City Hall. The Scholars visited several other schools, including Wedgwood Elementary and the Evergreen School, as well as many places of historical and cultural interest.

Annual General Meeting and Minister Goff. Well over 100 people attended the Annual General Meeting in November. The principal speaker was Phil Goff, the New Zealand Trade and Defense Minister. A trade delegation of about 20 from New Zealand attended as well. Jess McCormack, a UW Husky basketball player, attended as well. Association President Rachel Jacobsen organized and presided over this very successful event.

Burke Museum and Woodland Park Zoo. Seattle-Christchurch Sister City continued their association with the Burke Museum and the Woodland Park Zoo.

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The Association undertook primarily two major events in 2007

Official visit of Councilmember Jan Drago to Taejon. The official visit of Councilmember Drago took place in May of 2007.  It is the 3rd official visit by an elected official of the City of Seattle since the sister city relationship was established in 1989. The delegation stopped in Seoul and toured the most well known capitol improvement project Restoration of Chungachun Stream, and visited some historical sights. As scheduled, Councilmember Drago met with the Mayor of Daejeon, Seoung Hyo Park. The topics discussed included future bilateral exchanges, including ESL exchanges for elementary schools, and employee training program.

In addition, a meeting with three women who serve on the Daejeon’s Council was arranged. One of the most important items on the agenda was a visit to a cancer research facility in Daejeon’s Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology. The Institute has a joint cancer research agreement with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. The agreement was established in 2005 and the research is currently on-going between the two institutes. The culmination of the official visit was commemorated by Seattle delegation planning a tree called Rice Tree in the Seattle Park in Daejeon.

August 15 – Korea Day. For the first time in Seattle’s history, August 15th was proclaimed as Korea Day by the City Council and the Mayor of Seattle Greg Nickels with the consent from Korean Consulate General and local Korean-American organizations.

The Association is currently in an initial stage of planning for a new initiative “Know Each Other” with the focus on citizen participation, commerce and trade exchanges.

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Irish Week. Great crowds attended various events organized in honor of the Irish Week, such as the St. Patrick’s Day Dash, the St. Patrick’s Day Mass, the St. Patrick’s Day parade and the Seattle Center Irish Festival.  Over $32,000 was raised for the Matt Talbot Center, 15,000 runners competed in the Dash, almost 10,000 walked or watched the parade, and many more than that attended the Irish Festival

Seattle Gaels Hurling and Gaelic Football teams. The teams traveled to Chicago to participate in the North American Finals on the Labor Day weekend. The Gaels Women’s Gaelic Football team won the North American Junior Championship for the first time.

Mayor Greg Nickels’ visit to Ireland. The visit signified the first ever visit of a Seattle Mayor to the country, when he led a sister city delegation to Galway in September. Among the events organized for the delegation were a reception and a dinner in their honor, and Mayor Nickels was a special guest at the Galway Oyster Festival Parade and the Oyster Festival’s Gala Ball. The delegation took a tour of Connemara, Burren, and the Cliffs of Mother in Co. Clare, Thurles and the nearby villages. Later Mayor Nickels visited Thurles where his great-great-grandparents were born. He was greeted by the Mayor of Thurles and by the local Archbishop who gave him a tour of the Cathedral where his great-great-grandparents were baptized in 1822.

Other activities:

  • Irish Night

  • Irish Community Picnic

  • Irish Mother’s Dinner

  • Seattle’s Irish community Mass of Remembrance in the Gaelic language

  • Hands-on demonstration of making St. Brigid Crosses made from fresh rushes or reeds

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Seattle Polish Film Festival. The Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association (SGSCA) sponsored another successful Seattle Polish Film Festival (SPFF).  Now in its 15th year, SPFF is one of the longest running Polish film festivals in North America and is one of the premier Slavic cultural events in the Seattle area. This year the festival added something new to its lineup: the winner of an indie-film competition, selected by festival fans and staff.

High school students’ exchange program. SGSCA sponsored 6 high school students from Gdynia’s International Baccalaureate World School to attend the Washington Business (WBW) program, where students had hands-on learning experience about the free enterprise economic system. The program ran from June through August and was followed by home stays with member families.

Ambassador’s of Poland visit to Seattle. SGSCA was one of 3 co-sponsors of the Ambassador’s Seattle visit in April. Business and civic meetings were held and he was a special guest at the Polish Home for an evening program. The planned events were a huge success.

Awards. Ambassador Janusz Reiter awarded SGSCA member Tom Podl the Gloria Artis Gold Medal honoring accomplishments for Polish arts and culture. Additionally, SGSCA members Martha and Ron Golubiec received Solidarity Medals awarded for exceptional support for the Solidarity movement from beyond borders of Poland, especially during the Marshall law period. Consul General Krystynam Tokarska-Bietrnacik awarded SGSCA members Tom Podl and Mike Waske a Cavalier Cross of the Order of Merit bestowed by a decision of the President of the Republic of Poland.

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KIRO TV’s trip to Haiphong. In March Board President visited Haiphong with KIRO TV reporter Penny Legate. Sister City program was featured on KIRO travel blog. The delegation delivered gifts of school supplies, new children’s clothes, toys, and scholarships to the Hoa Phuong Orphanage.

Official visits to Seattle and Haiphong. The Association coordinated visit to Haiphong by Washington state Secretary of State, Sam Reed, and Port of Seattle Commissioner, Lloyd Hara. In its turn, the delegation from Haiphong led by the Mayor of Haiphong City visited Seattle in May. The meetings in Seattle included visits with Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, City Councilmember Jean Godden, Secretary of State Sam Reed, Trade Development Alliance, etc.

HumaniTour and aid to Orphanages. In October Board President visited Haiphong city once again with the 10th HumaniTour team. More school supplies and gifts were delivered to the Hao Phuong Orphanage. Additional activities included supplying food and medical aid to the children at the Can Tho Orphanage, continuation of the “Pig Me to School” project in the Mekong Delta area which provides funding to purchase pigs as a family economic development opportunity allowing families to gain the income necessary to send children to school. The Association also provided support for project which provides supplemental food to 500 ethnic minority children in the Highlands (mountain) area.

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2007 was the 50th Anniversary of the Seattle-Kobe sister city relationship. The Association planned a year-long celebration of a series of events that occurred both in Seattle and Kobe, including three delegation visits.  They also celebrated 40th Anniversary of their sister port relationship.

Celebration activities. The year-long celebration included a broad range of activities, from jazz exchange, events highlighting Washington wines and Kobe sakes, involvement of artists, seniors and students, and community outreach activities at the local Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival and Fall Festival.

Active community participation . The Association’s events involved a great cross-section of both longtime and new members and supporters, as well as Seattle citizens involved in jazz, baseball, YMCA and Seafair youth exchanges, the Seattle International Film Festival, and of course other Japan-related organizations. Over 500 people actively participated in programs this year, and thousands more were exposed as audience members or viewers of events or exhibits. 100,000 people visited the Japan Envisions the West exhibit.

Delegation to Kobe. In May Seattle City Councilmember Jan Drago, Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton, and SKSCA President Karin Zaugg Black led a 75-person Seattle delegation to Kobe to celebrate 50th Anniversary of sister city relationship and 40th Anniversary of their sister port relationship. A portion of the delegation was composed of business leaders with the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle’s study mission to Japan. The delegation planted a tree in the Seattle Forest of the Kobe Arboretum, gifted the Kobe Airport two pieces by local artist Koryn Rolstad, and opened a 50th Photo Exhibition of Seattle photos, including photos by local architect Roger Williams. Some members of the group also attended the Kobe Queen Jazz Contest and heard local Seattle vocalists perform.

Delegation to Seattle led by Kobe City Vice Mayor. Kobe City Vice Mayor Isao Uzaki and Kobe-Seattle Sister City Association President Eri Yagi led a delegation of 43 people from Kobe to celebrate their Anniversaries from July 28 - 30, 2007. The delegation included representatives from the City of Kobe, Kobe-Seattle Sister City Association, Silver College Seniors exchange program, Kobe YMCA students, Kobe City High school students involved in the Seafair festival ambassador exchange program, and the Kobe Festival Representative Tomoko Mizoguchi.

Delegation to Seattle led by Kobe City Mayor. Kobe City Mayor Tatsuo Yada led a delegation of 67 people from Kobe to Anniversaries’ celebration in Seattle. This delegation included representatives from the City of Kobe, Port of Kobe, Kobe City Council, Kobe Women’s Group, Kobe Labor Unions, Kobe-Seattle Sister City Association, Foreign Language University and the Kobe City Philharmonic Chorus. The Kobe City Philharmonic Chorus performed on three occasions (at the October 10th reception, the City Hall Lunchtime Concert and the Seattle Art Museum Japan Envisions the West exhibit opening on October 11th).

Jazz Programs. The Association brought in Mami Nishida, winner of the 7th Kobe Jazz Vocal Queen contest produced by Shinkaichi Music Street in 2006, back to Seattle in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Seattle-Kobe relationship to perform at the April 19, 2007 sister cities reception and the Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival.

Seattle Art Museum – Japan Envisions the West Exhibit. The Seattle Art Museum showcased the splendid exhibition Japan Envisions the West: 16th -19th Century Japanese Art from Kobe City Museum. Japan Envisions the West included 142 cultural treasures from the Kobe City Museum, many of which had never traveled outside of Japan before. The exhibition featured rare and exquisite paintings, prints, maps, ceramics, lacquer ware, metal ware, glass ware, leather ware and textiles. This exhibit took over five years to plan, and two Seattle delegations in 2004 and 2007 visited the Kobe City Museum to preview the pieces. Over 100,000 visitors to the Seattle Art Museum visited this exhibit and learned about the sister city Kobe.

Budget. The Anniversary’s total budget was approximately $80,000, and we raised almost $40,000 in in-kind donations, with an additional $26,000 in cash sponsorships or grants.

Gift of Koryn Rolstad artwork from Seattle to Kobe. SKSCA worked with local artist Koryn Rolstad to create a sculpture piece with two parts giving the sense of sun rays and waves to hang in the two sides of Kobe’s newly opened domestic Kobe airport. Koryn generously donated the majority of the cost of her artwork, and traveled to Kobe for the opening installation ceremony with the May delegation.

Gift of 50 cherry trees from Kobe to Seattle. In honor of the Anniversaries, the City and Port of Kobe gifted Seattle with 50 cherry trees. Port of Seattle Commissioners and the Kobe delegation planted one tree at POS Terminal 5 – Jack Block Park, and Mayor Yada and Mayor Nickels planted one at the Seattle Center. Other trees will be planted at various sites around the city in 2008.

Gift of the big kimono from Kobe to Seattle. Mr. Yoshihiko Itokawa and his family presented the world’s largest kimono from the Kobe-Seattle Sister City Association at a ceremony at City Hall with Seattle City Councilmembers Jan Drago and David Della.

Honoring the early founders. Former Mayor Gordon Clinton and longtime sister city association leaders Griffith Way and Annette Pascoe were honored for their contributions to this 50-year-old relationship by Mayor Yada at the reception held at the Port of Seattle in October.

Volunteer involvement and sponsors. Anniversaries’ activities were organized by the Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association volunteers and supported by the following organizations: City of Seattle, Consulate General of Japan, Hyogo Business & Cultural Center, Japan-America Society of the State of Washington, Japan Business Association of Seattle, Japanese Cultural & Community Center, Kobe Trade Information Office, and the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle.

Website and book project. The Association is currently working with Kobe to record all of activities from 2007, as well as compile historical information from throughout their 50 years of history for a website and book project.

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The Association continued efforts to invite membership and introduce Seattle-Limbe Sister City Association (SLSCA) to community.

Partnership with the Limbe Municipal Library. The partnership continued and the library’s staff and Board are still focused on increasing readership and developing a viable circulation system.

Magazines’ subscription for the library. SLSCA maintained their international magazine subscriptions and will assist in continuation of current subscriptions. The Library in Limbe has specifically requested additional magazines to foster children’s reading programs and health related magazines.

Children’s book drive. SLSCA’s children book drive continued. However, their plans for shipping have not been yet successful. 2007 was an election year in Limbe. SLSCA continued their efforts to build and solidify relationships with Limbe’s grass-roots organizations.

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Hogar San Pablo orphanage. Seattle-Mazatlan Sister City Association (SMSCA) continued their work with the Hogar San Pablo orphanage, which welcomed 25 new boys in 2007. The help that the orphanage receives from the SMSCA adds to solving problems. However, the computer technology is still in need of maintenance.

Satterberg’s Foundation Family Award. SMSCA was awarded with the Satterberg’s Foundation Family Award at the recommendation of Nick Pigott.

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During 2007, the Seattle-Mombasa Sister City Association continued to explore ways to reach out to the Seattle community to encourage membership and increase awareness of issues affecting Kenya and the African continent. The outreach efforts included participation in events to honor visiting Kenyan officials and community organizers. The events include:

Luncheon for a member of Kenyan Parliament. Luncheon for Ruth Oniango, a female member of the Kenyan Parliament was held in 2007. The event was sponsored by the African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest. The Honorable Ms. Oniango is involved in numerous projects to improve the quality of life for her rural constituents.

Dinner with the Chief Justice of the Kenyan High Court. Dinner with the Chief Justice of the Kenyan High Court, the Honorable Evan Gicheau and the Chief Magistrates Judge was an event organized and locally supported by the Loren Miller Bar Association and AAKEWO.

Strategic Community Development Network. Luncheon Meet and Greet to introduce Julia Amayo, founder and Executive Director of SACODEN (Strategic Community Development Network). SACODEN focuses on addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable children. It operates in Kibera, Nairobi, and Kenya.

African Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Conference. The Association attended and participated in the African Chamber of Commerce’s annual conference. They interfaced with seven African Trade Ministers.

Throughout the year the Seattle African Sister Cities met bimonthly for updates and planning for two special events sponsored by the Cameroon Empowerment and Social Development Organization (CAMESDO) and raised awareness for support for projects by women in Cameroon.

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The Association’s focus in 2007 was to maintain membership involvement, attract new, especially, younger members, and to strengthen their ties with Nantes.

2nd Annual Crepe Dinner. The Association held 2nd Annual Crepe Dinner in February.

Scholarship Awards. An auction for Dollars for Scholars enabled them to give three scholarships to study French locally as well as the long-standing Goldmark fund which awarded another three scholarships this year.

Seattle International Film Festival. Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association (SNSCA) sponsored the showing of a French movie at the Seattle International Film Festival. The annual pique-nique took place in August, as planned.

“Young Ambassador.” Hocine Jouini, the “Young Ambassador” from Nantes was in Seattle. He was a part of the exchange that had been started in the previous year, and his counterpart, Colton Arothers, was already in Nantes. Hocine was involved in numerous volunteer activities while in Seattle, such as Folklife Festival. Unfortunately, the program cannot be continued at this time due to financial and personnel constraints.

Other activities included a dinner for the delegation from Nantes and the President of Nantes-Seattle Sister City. SNSCA also donated to Susan Han of Seattle Channel for her Nantes’ film project, which everyone is anxiously anticipating to complete.

Despite the challenge of having four presidents during the last year, the Association has managed to plan events for its members, make themselves better known in the community, and maintained relations with their French counterparts.

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UW Chamber Choir’s visit to Hungary. In March, during the Spring break, the UW Chamber Choir’s 30 members traveled to Hungary. Maria Kramar, president of the Seattle-Pecs Sister City Association accompanied the group. The Choir spent 4 days in Budapest, few days in Pecs, and gave concerts in various locations. They were hosted for a reception and dinner by the Lord-Mayor of Budapest.

“Sister Cities Song” grant. Later in the year, Seattle City Council approved their grant proposal, which will allow the Sister Cities Middle School in Pecs to compete in writing and composing a “Sister Cities Song.” The grant is helping to cover shipping, mailing costs, and small prizes for the best achievers.

High school students’ exchange program. According to yearly tradition, 2 selected students from Pecs spent 2 weeks in Seattle learning about their Sister City and Washington State. They were hosted by local families and members of the Association helped facilitating their program during their visit.

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Teaching Italian. Seattle-Perugia Sister City continued their year-round twice a month meetings at Café Umbria where they speak and learn Italian.

Scholarships to study Italian in Perugia. Two one-month scholarships were awarded to study Italian at the University per Stranieri in Perugia.

Quarterly membership meetings. Quarterly membership meetings this year included a wine-tasting, antipasti, and an Italian film, Italian travel advice, and a lecture from Native American artist Marvin Oliver who is preparing a sculpture for shipment to Perugia.

Perugia chefs’ visit. The Association also held a special dinner with visiting chefs from Perugia, which was attended by more than 50 people.

Grant from the Boeing Company Totem Sculpture. Seattle-Perugia Sister City Association obtained a $10,000 grant from the Boeing Company for shipment of the mentioned above totem sculpture.

Seattle International Film Festival and UW World Series. The Association also became a community sponsor of the Seattle International Film Festival and community partner of the UW World Series.

Launching of the website. The 2007 was also remarkable in a sense that the Association was able to create and launch its 1st real working web site,

Visits and exchanges. The sister city continued their arrangement of visits and exchanges, such as meeting between Perugia’s mayor Locchi and UW President Emmeret in Perugia; appearance at Umbria Jazz by the Garfield High School Jazz Band, meetings for Dr. Anna Calabro who came to study the TPS Management System at Virginia Mason Medical Center, etc.

Sister City Market and Festa Italiana. Last but not least, Perugia held its annual Sister City Market where the Association introduced Seattle, sold NW T-shirts, and gave away annual round trip visit to Seattle. They also participated in Festa Italiana at Seattle Center, explaining the organization and signing up new members.

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Nordic and Baltic Affairs, U.S. State Dept. Seattle-Reykjavik Sister City Association (SRSCA) met with Victoria Middleton, the U.S. State Department’s Director of Nordic and Baltic Affairs, and discussed the relationship between Seattle and Reykjavik, with many members of the Icelandic society in Seattle present at the meeting.

Environmental Dept., Reykjavik. SRSCA met with the representatives from the Environmental Department of the City of Reykjavik who were on a study visit to Seattle.

Seattle International Film and Children’s Festivals. The Association donated $500 to the SIFF to support the Icelandic film “Children.” In addition, they also worked with a local school donating tickets to the Children’s International Festival.

Nordic Heritage Museum partnership. Multimedia group, the Slide Show Secret, came to Seattle as a part of the partnership with the Nordic Heritage Museum, and performed in March 2008 as the Icelandic representatives for the Mostly Nordic Chamber music series.

Sister City Video Project. SRSCA assisted Mike and Donna James with their trip to Iceland for the Sister City Video Project.

Trip to Reykjavik. SRSCA president and treasurer met with Reykjavik’s Mayor to discuss the relationship between Seattle and Reykjavik. They also met with representatives from the Reykjavik Chamber of Commerce and the City of Reykjavik who are collaborating on planning a Post Trip after the Greater Seattle International Study Mission to Helsinki.

Post trip. The Association has been working with Bill Stafford from the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle and Anne Maria Jacobson from the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce to arrange for the Post trip to Reykjavik. The hotel, program, and speakers have already been arranged.

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Consistent with their mission statement, the primary objectives for Seattle-Sihanoukville Sister City Association this year were to assist the various orphanages in Sihanoukville and Battambong and to support education efforts.

Partnership with the University of Washington. Annual New Year’s Celebration and Fund Raiser at China Harbor were held in April. The Dessert Auction raised funds for a partnership with the University of Washington to defray tuition costs for Dalin Meng who is pursuing an advanced degree in social work, with the stated aim of returning to Cambodia to work with refugees from the Khmer Rouge massacre and exploited children.

Visits to Cambodia’s orphanages. Two trips to Cambodia were accomplished to distribute food, funds and other necessities to orphanages in Sihanoukville and Battambong.

Cambodian Cultural Heritage. The Association participated in the Cambodian Cultural Heritage event on August 11, 2007 at the Seattle Center.  Newsletters, brochures, and a powerpoint presentation were displayed.

Annual Summer Picnic. The Annual Summer Picnic took place on August 26, 2007 at Alki Beach.

Planning ahead. Plans for the 2008 Annual New Years Celebration and Fund Raiser were initiated.

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Trans TV Indonesia. Three crews from the Trans TV Indonesia visited Seattle to cover the educational system in the U.S. During their film shooting they managed to cover Seattle’s favorite tourism places, such as Pike Place Market and Space Needle, as well as do a coverage on the Indonesian community living in Seattle, and on the Seattle-Surabaya Sister City Association.

Official government visits from Surabaya to Seattle. Five delegations from the Office of Surabaya Government and East Java Province Legislation visited Seattle as an effort to revitalize the Sister City relationship between Seattle and Surabaya. They had several meetings with some Seattle Public Departments, including the Water Transportation Department, the Fire Department, Seattle Zoo, and Trade Development Alliance.

Co-sponsorship of a student-directed film. The Association was proud to co-sponsor the production of SOHIB, and Indonesian short film, directly by Sylvia Gunawan, a Seattle University student from Indonesia. The movie won 3rd place in an Indonesian Short Film competition organized by the Indonesian Consulate in San Francisco. The premier was held at Seattle University’s library auditorium with more than 150 attendees.

The Indonesian Consul General’s visit to Seattle. The Indonesian Consul in San Francisco, Mr. Yudhistiranto Sungadi, visited Seattle in 2007. Furthermore, as a community partner with the UW World Series, the Association had an opportunity to present Gamelan Cudamani, a gamelan performance from Bali, at the UW Meany Theater. The event was a success, with more than 800 attendees. Consul General Sungadi was an honored guest at the performance.

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Novruz celebration. Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association coordinated a very well received and attended Novruz celebration on March 17th. There were over 130 attendees. One of the special guests was Councilmember Jan Drago.

Educators from Central Asia. Early in the year, the Association hosted 11 educators from Central Asia who were attending the International TESOL conference. The delegation enjoyed cultural, professional, and social events arranged for them in Seattle.

35th Anniversary. The 2007 was a year of planning and preparations for the 35th Anniversary celebrations.

Rotary connection. One of the board members, Dilbar Akhmedova, was invited to speak at the Rotary business luncheon about dress requirements of Muslim women in Uzbekistan.

Uzbek Ambassador to the U.S. The Association’s president, Dan Peterson, met with the Uzbek Ambassador to the U.S., Ambassador Abdulaziz Kamilov, in Washington D.C. They discussed planning for the 35th Anniversary celebration activities in 2008.

Annual picnic. The annual summer picnic was held at Richmond Beach Park. One of the key guests was Councilmember Sally Clark.

Ihkom Theater from Tashkent. The Association met with the A.C.T. Theater to collaborate and bring Ihkom Theater from Tashkent to Seattle for performances in March of 2008. This event was a part of a memorial for Mark Weil who tragically was killed in early September in Tashkent. He was a famous theater producer from Tashkent who lived in Seattle and was actively involved with A.C.T. and the UW Drama Department.

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