Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have had a problem with the Seattle Police Department, can you help me?

A. OIR does not handle these issues. Please contact the Office of Professional Accountability at //

Q. I need to get a passport and/or a visa, can you help me?

A. OIR does not handle passports or visas. Please contact the United States Department of State at for assistance.

Q. How are sister city relationships created?

A. The City of Seattle currently has a moratorium on creating any new sister city relationships.

The City Council passed a resolution in 1996 adopting a moratorium on new Sister City affiliations due to limited City resources (funding, protocol needs/expectations and manpower). The moratorium allows us to support the quality of our existing 21 Sister City programs.

To view the resolution, log onto and enter the resolution number 29897.

Q. I plan to travel to one of Seattle's sister cities and I need help with lodging and travel arrangements. Can you help me?

A. OIR does not handle travel arrangements to our sister cities. Please contact your nearest travel agent.