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Quality of Life

Seattle is a vibrant metropolitan hub in a stunning natural setting. The city offers a wide range of housing options, exceptional arts, sports and entertainment opportunities, an abundance of shops and restaurants and easy access to outdoor recreational activities in any season. Seattle is frequently ranked among top U.S. cities as judged by education levels, the number and quality of arts organizations, communications connectivity, international diversity and culture of innovation.


High temperatures in July average about 75° F (24° C), while low temperatures in winter drop below freezing an average of 15 days per year. Average yearly rainfall in Seattle is 36.2 inches (92 cm), compared to 19.5 inches (50 cm) in San Francisco, 34.5 (88 cm) in Chicago, 39 inches (99 cm) in Washington, DC and 40.3 inches (102 cm) in New York City.

Monthly Temperature and Rainfall in Seattle

Cost of Living (Seattle base of 100)

Data provided by C2ER; costs include housing, utilities, transportation and health care, from average of 4 quarters ending March 2010. See

Median Family Income
New York $103,600
San Francisco $99,400
Los Angeles $63,000
Boston $91,800
Seattle $85,600
Chicago $75,100
Minneapolis $84,000
Denver $75,900
Atlanta $71,800
Houston $44,500

Average monthly apartment rental costs in Seattle (2010)
1 bedroom/1 bath 2 bedroom/1 bath 3 bedroom/2 bath
$1,024 $1,138 $1,504
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