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Industry and Business

Top 10 Public Companies Headquartered in Seattle or Washington State.
(Ranked by 2009 revenue, figures in millions)

Company 2009 Revenues Type of Business
Costco Wholesale Corp. $71,422 Worldwide wholesale club operator
Microsoft Corp. 58,437 Software, services, internet tech. Inc. 24,509 Online retailer
Starbucks Corp. 9,775 Coffee roaster, retailer
Nordstrom Inc. 8,627 Apparel retailer
Paccar Inc. 8,087 Heavy-duty truck manufacturing,
financial services
Weyerhaeuser Co. 5,528 Natural resources, forest products
Expeditors Int’l of WA 4,092 Int’l logistics company, 160 offices
Alaska Air Group Inc. 3,400 Holding co., Alaska, Horizon Airlines
Expedia Inc. 2,955 Online travel, vacation site

Downtown Seattle Office Space

3rd Quarter, 2010

  Total Inventory (sq ft) Vacancy Rate Asking Rate (per sq. feet)
Classes 42,386,861 20.0% $17.00-$39.00
Class A 32,132,353 21.4% $20.00-$39.00
Class B 8,107,417 16.7% $18.00-$34.00
Class C 2,147,091 12.0% $17.00-$26.00

Source: CB Richard Ellis

Electricity Rates Comparison (2009)

Average residential, commercial and industrial electrical rates

Source: Seattle City Light (municipal owned utility), Finance Division
Contact: Robert Bartley, Seattle City Light 206-684-3877


Service is provided by the City of Seattle. Pressure range minimum is 30 psi and maximum is 100 psi. Commercial/industrial monthly rate for ¾” - 4” meter is $13.00-$121.40. Charge for water usage is as follows:

Off-peak season (September-May) - $ 3.62/100 cu ft
Peak season (May-September) - $ 4.63/100 cu ft

Sanitary Sewer

Service includes treatment at King County’s treatment plants, whose cost is incorporated into rates billed through the individual cities. The commercial/industrial sewer rate in Seattle is $10.28/100 cu ft.

Natural Gas

Puget Sound Energy supplies Seattle and King County with natural gas. The basic monthly commercial/industrial rate for general service is $15 plus $1.176 per therm.

City of Seattle Tax Rates, 2010

Tax Rates, 2010 Property Tax ($9.04 per $1,000 assessed value), apportioned as follows:

City 32.0%
State 25.0%
Schools 22.0%
County 16.0%
Medic 1/EMS 3.0%
Port 2.0%
Total: $9.63 per $1,000 assessed value, collected by King County

Retail Sales Tax of 9.5% apportioned as follows:*

State of Washington 6.50%
City of Seattle .85%
Metro .90%
Sound Transit .90%
King County .15%
King County Criminal Justice Levy .10%
King County Mental Health Tax .10%
*An additional .5% is added to the sales tax rate for food and beverages sold in restaurants, taverns and bars throughout King County for construction of professional baseball stadium.

City Business Occupation Tax  
Retail/Wholesale .215%
Manufacturing/Extracting .215%
Manufacturing/Wholesaling Grain & Flour .0215%
International Finance .150%
Printing/Publishing .215%
Service, Other .215%

City Business Occupation Tax  
Retail .00471%
Wholesale, Manufacturing, Extracting, Insurance Agents/Brokers, Printing/Publishing, Royalties, Child Care 00484%
Service & Other Activities .018%
Commercial Aircraft/Aerospace Manufacturing, Wholesaling .002904%
Wood Products Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Sale of Standing Timber .003424%
Source: Department of Finance, City of Seattle

Admission & Gambling Taxes  
Admissions tax 5.00%
Amusement Games (less prizes) 2.00%
Bingo (less prizes) 10.00%
Punch cards/Pull tabs 5.00%
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