Legacy Business Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legacy Business Program?

The Legacy Business Program celebrates businesses in our neighborhoods that are going beyond the basic sales of goods and services. These businesses are staples in their communities, serve as key contributors to neighborhood identity, and face a significant risk of displacement. Community members are invited to nominate small businesses that meet the criteria below. Business owners are invited to apply directly.

What qualifies as a Legacy Business?

    • The business is an independently owned, for-profit establishment.

    • Has operated continuously for a minimum of 10 years.

    • Employs fewer than 50 people total

To be selected for the Legacy Business Award, businesses will also contribute to the ground-level streetscape and/or neighborhood identity, serve a community function above and beyond the basic sale of goods and services, and face a significant risk of displacement. If my business has multiple locations, can I still qualify? Yes- in the scenario that a business with multiple locations is nominated, so long as the specific location fits the criteria and would benefit from the designation, it may qualify to be a part of the Legacy Business Program. 

How do I nominate a business?

    • To nominate a business, fill out the brief nomination form on seattle.gov/oed/legacybusiness.
    • Nominees will be contacted by an OED Small Business Advocate to encourage them to submit an application. 
    • As only completed applications will be considered, businesses are encouraged to apply directly.

  How are winners selected?

    • A Selection Committee comprised of representatives from each Council District will review and score completed applications. Awardees will be announced at the Legacy Awards Ceremony in May 2020.
    • One awardee will be selected from each of the seven Council Districts.

 What do I get if I win?

Selected Legacy Businesses will be awarded the following: 

  •   Public recognition by elected officials at the Legacy Awards Ceremony 
  •  Comprehensive Commercial Lease Toolkit                   
  •  Comprehensive Succession Planning Toolkit                
  •  Social media marketing toolkit               
  •  2 hours free legal consultation                   
  •  8 hours free Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) consultation           
  • Two-minute promotional video about your business to be presented at Awards Ceremony, shared on the City of Seattle website and social channels In order to be considered for the Legacy Business Program, a business

Questions? Contact Sarah Domondon, Small Business Advocate, at Sarah.Domondon@seattle.gov