Funding Opportunities

We choose schools and community-based organizations to provide services for children and youth through a competitive Request for Investment (RFI) process. To partner with schools, organizations must complete the Requests for Qualifications (RFQ).  Some consultant and other services are selected through Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Open or Pending Requests*
Click the Investment Area links for application forms and instructions
Investment AreaTypeStatusDeadlineOFE Staff Contact
Elementary Innovation RFI open 8/6/14 Isabel Muñoz-Colón
Middle School Linkage RFI open 8/6/14 Isabel Muñoz-Colón
Step Ahead Preschools RFI awarded 3/12/14 Human Services
College and Career Readiness and Planning RFQ open 9/30/14
4:30 PM
Kathryn Aisenberg
Expanded Learning Opportunities RFQ open 9/30/14
4:30 PM
Adam Petkun
Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Family Support RFQ open 9/30/14
4:30 PM
Isabel Muñoz-Colón

Organizations previously approved through an RFQ process do NOT need to apply. However, if
an organization wants to be approved in another category, they would need to apply for that RFQ.

See Funding Archives for a list of all RFIs and RFQs released during the current Levy.

New Quarterly RFQ Process in 2014*
1st January 2 March 31
2nd April 1 June 30
3rd July 1 September 30
4th October 1 December 30

*We moved from one annual RFQ release per year to a new rolling application process. Under this new system, RFQs can be submitted on an ongoing basis and we will review them quarterly.