Innovation & Linkage Schools

Seattle public schools that meet our criteria for at-risk populations are eligible to apply to become Innovation schools. All Seattle public middle or K-8 schools are eligible to apply to become Linkage Schools.

  • Innovation Schools: Innovation schools serve large numbers of at-risk students and receive larger investments than Linkage schools (between $310,000 and $560,000 in the 2013-14 school year). Innovation schools are expected to deploy strategies in all of the major academic, case management, and college and career readiness investment areas. (College and career readiness requirements do not apply to elementary schools.)

  • Linkage Schools: Middle schools with smaller concentrations of at-risk students receive smaller investments (between $50,000 and $240,000 per school in the 2013-14 school year) and are expected to focus on fewer strategies (e.g., reducing the percentage of 6th and 7th graders not on standard in math).


Levy Implementation

How We Select Schools

  • We target Seattle public schools with large numbers of students at high risk for school failure (see list of eligible schools)
  • Schools compete for available funds by submitting a Request for Investment proposal that outlines their needs, explains how they propose to use Levy funds, and demonstrates their ability to track students' progress as a result of Levy investments

  • Selected schools receive Levy support to become Innovation schools and implement a combination of strategies to increase students' academic achievement

  • All public middle schools are eligible to become Linkage schools, which serve smaller concentrations of at-risk students and focus Levy investments on just one or two areas

  • Individualized goals are set for each school; schools must make acceptable progress towards those goals in order to continue to receive funding

  • We analyze student data on an ongoing basis in order to refine practices and make timely improvements

Strategies for Helping Youth Do Better in School

We help youth do better in school by:

  • Providing extra support for children as they move from prekindergarten or kindergarten into higher grades, and for the transition from 8th to 9th grade 

  • Increasing teachers' instructional time with students

  • Improving teachers' skills through training

  • Providing students with tutoring from teachers

  • Modernizing classroom teaching tools

  • Providing after school and summer learning programs

  • Making social and emotional support available to struggling youth and their families

  • Assisting high school students plan for college and career

Funded Schools

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2013-14 Investment: $2,528,000
  • Beacon Hill International School
  • Graham Hill
  • Highland Park
  • Madrona K-8
  • Olympic Hills
  • Roxhill
  • South Shore PK-8
  • Wing Luke
2014-15 Investment (4):
  • Concord International
  • Bailey Gatzert
  • Sanislo
  • West Seattle
2013-14 Investment: $3,947,084

  • Jane Addams K-8
  • Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Denny International
  • Eckstein
  • Hamilton International
  • Aki Kurose
  • Madison
  • Madrona K-8
  • McClure
  • Mercer
  • Orca K-8
  • Pathfinder K-8
  • Salmon Bay K-8
  • South Shore PK-8
  • Washington
  • Whitman

2013-14 Investment: $1,872,500

  • Cleveland - STEM
  • Franklin
  • Ingraham
  • Interagency Academy
  • West Seattle

Community Partners

Levy-funded schools are encouraged to partner with community-based organizations that are approved by us through the RFQ process to work with struggling students. The following organizations are currently receiving Levy funds to help Innovation and Linkage schools increase their students' success in school:

  • Asian Counseling and Referral Service
  • Children's Home Society
  • City Year
  • College Success Foundation
  • Communities in Schools
  • Community Day School Association
  • Diplomas Now
  • El Centro de la Raza
  • Powerful Schools
  • Seattle Parks & Recreation
  • Sound Mental Health
  • Therapeutic Health Services
  • Tiny Tots
  • University Tutors for Seattle Schools
  • Vietnamese Friendship Association
  • White Center Community Development Association
  • YMCA
  • Youth Ambassadors
  • YouthCare

Find out more about our Community-Based Organization partners.

Measures of Success

Continued Levy funding depends on schools meeting specific goals from among these measures:

  • Elementary students achieve age-level expectations on the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS)
  • Students show growth on Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments in math or reading

  • Students improve on state tests in math, reading, science, or writing

  • Students make gains on the state English language proficiency exam

  • Student absences are reduced

  • Middle or high school students pass core courses

  • Students promote to 10th grade on time

Looking for Results?

Visit our Results section for our latest data.