Preschool for All

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On September 23, 2013, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed the "Preschool for All" Resolution (Resolution 31478). It established the City Council's goal of making voluntary, high-quality preschool available and affordable to all of Seattle's 3- and 4-year-old children.

The resolution charged the Office for Education with developing an action plan to achieve this goal. We have contracted with a consultant to develop an Action Plan, Financial Model, and Implementation Timeline for this program in Seattle. The Action Plan will address program features, tuition, delivery systems, phase-in, governance, coordinating program and funding streams, financial models, funding sources, and outreach to  community members in order to build a Preschool for All program that:

  • Achieves positive long-term social / emotional and academic outcomes for children
  • Makes the best use of public resources
  • Offers incentives to providers to develop and deliver high-quality programs


Workgroups will have one final meeting in late April/early May.

We are convening our local early learning community to provide information about the strengths and needs of Seattle's early education system. In January they kicked off the process by meeting in groups to describe Seattle's current early learning landscape. If you are interested in participating on a workgroup, please email The public is welcome to attend these meetings to observe the discussion.

Penny Legate interviews local and national experts about preschool, from the Seattle Channel's CityStream program.

Watch this page for updates on our progress and to learn how you can participate in this process.

Other Resources:

The Seattle City Council's Preschool for All Plan webpage includes links to local media coverage.

Receive ongoing information about Preschool for All by email from the Office for Education. Just send an email to to be automatically added to the email list.


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