Family Child Care Training

HighScope's Family Child Care Training Series will be offered to 3 cohorts of up to 20 Family Child Care (FCC) providers, for a total of 60 providers. The first 2 cohorts will attend a total of 10 workshops scheduled for 2 hours each, twice a month, for 5 consecutive months.  Cohort 3 will attend a total of 6 workshops, twice a month for 3 consecutive months; the last 4 are 4 hours long.

The workshops are intended for providers working in licensed family child care homes, as well as providers offering family friend and/or neighbor care. The workshops will employ a variety of strategies to encourage active participation among the providers.

  • Providers will see in concrete terms how the information being shared can influence their current work with the children they care for.
  • Providers will have time to share, learn and grow through interactions with each other and the trainer. This will facilitate the development of a learning community, so providers can rely on one another for support and networking.
  • Providers will take information back to their child care settings and try out new ideas with the children they care for with the help of an on-site coach.

In 2014, Cohort 1 started on March 8 and Cohort 2 on April 12. Cohort 3 will start on August 9.

Family Child Care Training Cohort participants will receive the following:

  • 20 hours of HighScope Family Child Care Training
  • MERIT/STARS Credit upon completion of the 20-hour training series.
  • Completion bonus of $150 per series (3 series)*
  • A small stipend  to offset the cost to attend the training up to $300.00**
  • Translation/Interpretation Services:  interpreters will be available upon request
  • Two hours of on-site coaching each month***
  • Classroom materials to enhance quality

*   The first training series is in 2014. The second and third HighScope training series are anticipated to be held in subsequent years, subject to future City Council budget approval.
** Stipend and bonus are paid out upon the successful completion of all training and will not exceed the annual maximum of $450.00 per cohort participant.
*** Cohort 3 is on a different schedule.