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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: A Walk for Safety on June 18

6/10/2009  12:45:00 PM

A Walk for Safety on June 18
Launching the Aurora Traffic Safety Project - Called “Expect the Unexpected”

SEATTLE - On June 18, at 9:05 a.m., at Bagley Elementary School (7821 Stone Avenue N), Seattle residents living along the Highway 99 corridor, the Bagley Elementary Bee and the Feet First Chicken will converge on the school to officially launch “Expect the Unexpected,” a two year effort to improve safety along Aurora Avenue North. The event will be hosted by Grace Crunican, director of the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Preceding the event, a safety walk will begin at 8:15 a.m. on Aurora Avenue N at N 86th Street and N 80th Street as each group walks their typical route to the school, highlighting the potential concerns they face daily.

“Expect the Unexpected” is a project to help make Aurora Avenue N a safer and friendlier road for pedestrians and motorists and to reduce traffic crashes. The goal of this project is to reduce collisions, traffic congestion and improve pedestrian mobility and safety using short-term, low-cost solutions through engineering, education, and enforcement efforts. The program will fund increased police enforcement, the development of a safety outreach campaign, and $250,000 in improvements to the road and signs.

Highlights motorists and pedestrians will see include:

-New street name signs
-Improved regulatory and warning signs
-“Your Speed” signs at several locations accompanied by increased enforcement efforts at each location
-New stop bars at all signalized intersections to emphasize where vehicles are required to stop
-New crosswalks and curb ramps at two locations
-An educational campaign intended to raise safety awareness around the roadway

The Aurora Traffic Safety Project is supported by a state grant from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the Washington State Department of Transportation. The Seattle Department of Transportation and the Seattle Police Department are leading this effort. Since October 2008, a task force consisting of more than 40 local residents, community leaders, business owners, and state and local government representatives has been working to identify issues and develop data driven solutions.

For more information on the Aurora Traffic Safety Project, “Expect the Unexpected," visit or call Jim Curtin at (206) 684-8874.

The Seattle Department of Transportation builds, maintains and operates Seattle's $12 billion transportation infrastructure. To further Mayor Nickels’ goal to get Seattle moving, the department manages short- and long-term investments in streets, bridges, pavement and trees, that better connect the city with the region.

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Seattle Department of Transportation

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