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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor announces no-cost permits for neighbors near light rail

4/7/2009  2:39:00 PM

Mayor announces no-cost permits for neighbors near light rail
Parking changes will benefit residents and businesses

SEATTLE - Mayor Greg Nickels announced today that the city will provide eligible residents and businesses near light rail stations with no-cost parking permits for the next two years.

"The arrival of Link light rail this summer is a remarkable opportunity for our city. Offering these permits at no cost is an important way to make sure local residents and businesses maintain their access to parking," said Nickels.

With light rail service beginning in July, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been working with communities to make sure on-street parking spaces are available for residents, and not taken up by transit riders using the Beacon Hill, Mount Baker, Columbia City, Othello and Rainier Beach stations. With support from many neighbors in the Rainier Valley, SDOT will install Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs) and time-limit signs for parking near stations.

To ease the transition over the next two years, the city will provide two no-cost RPZ permits per household or business through spring 2011, along with one no-cost guest permit. Those requiring more than two permits can purchase them for $45 per vehicle ($10 for low-income residents) for a two-year permit. Households and businesses renewing RPZ permits in 2011 will pay the permit price in effect at that time.

Through a pilot program, SDOT will also issue RPZ permits to employees at businesses in the new zones. The City Council will review the pilot program in April 2009.

For more information about the specific parking plans for each station area, including the boundaries:

Residents and businesses will receive RPZ permit applications in the mail in May and can learn more at:

Signs will be installed beginning the week of April 13 around the Rainier Beach station and then move north. The new parking restrictions go into effect when Link light rail service begins in July.

SDOT is also working with south of downtown and stadium area businesses to develop parking management plans for the areas around those light rail stations. The department will continue its door-to-door outreach throughout the summer and new parking regulations will be in place by year's end.

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