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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Seattle Office for Civil Rights opens comment period for amendments to enforcement rules

10/17/2008  4:56:00 PM
Roberto Bonaccorso  (206) 684-5282

Seattle Office for Civil Rights opens comment period for amendments to enforcement rules

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) has proposed a number of amendments to Seattle Human Rights Rules (SHRR Chapter 40). Members of the public have until November 18, 2008 to comment on the proposed rule changes, which describe the procedures used by SOCR to investigate charges of illegal discrimination filed with the City of Seattle.

Most of the new amendments have been proposed to make the department's procedures easier to understand. Other changes were necessary to make the rules consistent with provisions of the Seattle Municipal Code that have been amended since the rules first became effective in 1985.

The most significant change is an increase in the minimum award that a charging party can receive for humiliation, pain and suffering caused by discrimination. The new amount of $750 (up from $250) reflects the value of the minimum award in 2008 dollars. Under the proposed rule, the amount of the minimum award will be adjusted periodically based on the current rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

SOCR welcomes feedback from members of the public regarding the proposed rule amendments. You can send written comments to:
Seattle Office for Civil Rights
810 Third Avenue, Suite 750
Seattle, WA 98104-1627
Attention: Angela Dawson-Milton

You also can send comments via e-mail to, or call 206-684-8063. The full list of proposed amendments is available at, along with a table that spells out the most significant changes.


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