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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: This Weekend Ninth Avenue N. becomes Two-way with Bike and Parking Lanes

4/23/2008  11:30:00 AM
Dawn Schellenberg, 206.684.5189

This Weekend Ninth Avenue N. becomes Two-way with Bike and Parking Lanes

SEATTLE- The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is making Ninth Avenue N. from Broad Street to Denny Way easier to use for motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Ninth Avenue N. is being permanently converted to two-way operations, bicycle lanes are being added, some crosswalks repainted and parking retained. Weather permitting, the conversion is scheduled to happen this weekend. Here is what to expect:

Saturday, April 26
Ninth Avenue N. and cross streets will be closed to car access from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The closure boundary is from Mercer Street to Denny Way, and from Westlake Avenue N. to Eighth Avenue N. After 5 p.m., the street will begin operating as two-way from Broad Street to Denny Way.

Sunday, April 27
The street will be open on Sunday, but parking restrictions will remain in place on both sides of Ninth Ave N. from Republican to Denny.

Project details
The following improvements are being made along Ninth Avenue N.:

From Mercer Street to Denny Way expect:
- One vehicle travel lane in each direction.
- Repainted crosswalks in some areas.

From Republican Street to Denny Way expect:
- New northbound bicycle lane.
- New southbound bicycle lane being phased in when construction on the west side is completed.
- Parking lanes in both directions.

From Broad Street to Mercer Street:
- Final street design will be one through travel lane and two left turning lanes in the southbound direction and one northbound travel lane.

Along Bell Street from Eight Avenue to Denny Way expect:
- A new eastbound bicycle lane on the south side of Bell Street to provide access across Denny Way to Ninth Avenue N.
- New signalized bicycle crossing at Denny Way.
- A wide lane with double striping is being constructed for the safety of bicyclists.

General improvements:
- New signs guiding cyclists to major destinations are being installed in South Lake Union and the Denny Triangle as part of the 234 miles of signed bike routes identified in Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan.

Once the changes are in place, motorists are allowed to make left hand turns into private driveways across the center double yellow line.

To see a map of the project area visit:

The Seattle Department of Transportation builds, maintains and operates Seattle's $8 billion transportation infrastructure. To further Mayor Nickels’ goal to get Seattle moving, the department manages short- and long-term investments in streets, bridges, pavement and trees, that better connect the city with the region.

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Seattle Department of Transportation

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