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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: City Announces Stone Way Reconfiguration Plan, Roadway Enhancements Will Better Serve All Users

3/5/2008  11:45:00 AM

City Announces Stone Way Reconfiguration Plan
Roadway Enhancements Will Better Serve All Users

SEATTLE - The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) today announced its reconfiguration plan for Stone Way between North 34th Street and North 40th Street. Based on further analysis, the department will reduce the number of through-lanes on this portion of Stone Way from four lanes to two, install bicycle facilities on both sides of the road, and create a center two-way left-turn lane. This matches the reconfiguration plan originally proposed for all of Stone Way from North 34th Street to North 47th Street. The changes will be made, weather permitting, within the next several weeks.

“Stone Way is an important arterial street for motorists, the freight community and bicyclists. Our analysis of roadway usage and traffic patterns supports this new configuration, which will allow users of all types a safe and efficient route of travel,” said SDOT Director Grace Crunican. “We are confident that the new Stone Way will better serve the needs of all travelers and the surrounding community, and embody the spirit of the Complete Streets ordinance passed by City Council last year.”

SDOT will add a center two-way left-turn lane, create a northbound climbing lane for bicycles, and retain the existing bicycle/vehicle shared lane markings (sharrows) southbound. Several of the improvements support the use of Stone Way as a key bicycle corridor, a goal outlined in the Bicycle Master Plan. Additionally, because of the reduced number of through-lanes, SDOT will be able to install a crosswalk at North 38th Street to enhance pedestrian safety. None of the reconfigurations will affect on-street parking.

Based on community feedback and a traffic analysis submitted by the business community, SDOT had delayed implementation of the lane reconfiguration at the south end of Stone Way to perform additional analysis. It conducted traffic counts, reviewed submitted materials, and scrutinized available lane options. SDOT found that lane reconfigurations further north on Stone Way, in the six months since their installation, had not increased traffic volumes or congestion. This comprehensive review of Stone Way ultimately supported implementation of the original plan.

The Seattle Department of Transportation builds, maintains and operates Seattle's $8 billion transportation infrastructure. To further Mayor Nickels’ goal to get Seattle moving, the department manages short- and long-term investments in streets, bridges, pavement and trees, that better connect the city with the region.

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Seattle Department of Transportation

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