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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: South Lake Union Streetcar Testing

10/24/2007  4:30:00 PM
Josh Stepherson, 206.684.3136

South Lake Union Streetcar Testing

(Seattle) - Over the next eight weeks, Seattle’s new streetcar vehicles will undergo several tests on the South Lake Union line to prepare for opening day which is scheduled to take place in mid-December.

The first step in testing is a walking speed clearance test in which streetcar personnel escort the streetcar along the entire route to verify clearances from possible obstructions such as traffic signs or branches.

Upon successful completion of the walk-thru, the vehicles will undergo dynamic testing on Valley Street between Westlake and Fairview Avenues. Over a period of five to ten days, technicians will verify streetcar vehicles abilities to accelerate, maintain a steady speed and stop.

Once dynamic testing of the vehicles is complete, technicians will focus on the vehicles interface with the traffic control systems along the entire South Lake Union route.

Once each of these verification steps is completed, testing and training of Metro operators will continue until opening day.

Safety Tips

With streetcar testing along the entire route it is important the public remember to follow a few simple rules.

• Be alert. Streetcars are quiet. Please stop, look and listen for streetcars before crossing the tracks

• Keep a safe distance from streetcars

• Do not walk or play on tracks

• Motorcycles and bikes should use caution when riding near the tracks and should cross at a 90 degree angle

• Do not park on or in close proximity to tracks

• Check for approaching streetcars before opening your vehicle doors

The Seattle Department of Transportation builds, maintains and operates Seattle's transportation infrastructure. The department manages an $8 billion infrastructure consisting of streets, bridges, pavement and trees, and the long-term investments to better connect Seattle with its neighborhoods and the rest of the region.

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